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GameDev.net Staff Journal

Article system update

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 27 April 2011 · 591 views

Over the past week and a half I've been spending the majority of my time going through the archives of articles and making sure they are formatted properly, images are included, source files are attached, that sort of thing. For most of the time I'm simply going in article number order, one after another, but I'm also keeping an eye on issues...

New Syntax Highlighting in Forums and Journals

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 21 April 2011 · 1,159 views

We've introduced an old favorite for syntax highlighting code in our forums and journals. In addition to the standard [ code ] tags that exist now, we have introduced a tag that we used to use readily in past versions of GameDev.net. The "new" bbcode tag that is available for use is the [ source ] tag.

The source tag requires an attribute...

Almost 7 days of social news and plenty of "News" updates!

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 19 April 2011 · 1,648 views

Last week we launched a pretty huge revision of our news system. In the past our news team has done an amazing job sifting through news and in some cases summarizing what we considered important. We have been actively listening to feedback regarding our news over the past week and have implemented a number of really great suggestions.


News moderated by you - major upgrades to GameDev.net news!

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 13 April 2011 · 680 views
One of the things we've always wanted to do at GameDev.net is to have a steady staff of news editors that provide you with the best source of original game development news around. The problem is this would take a lot more resources than we have available. Fortunately there is plenty of good news coverage out there for the games industry and game...

Cleaning up the Articles & Resources

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 07 April 2011 · 724 views

This past week I was finally able to start looking into the various problems that exist with our articles after they have been moved over from the old site. One of the main things that has been bugging people is that they aren't quite so easy to find these days. You can no longer run a search on archive.gamedev.net which means you have to rely on the...

Recent Updates and What's on Deck

Posted by Michael Tanczos, in GDNet 29 March 2011 · 759 views
updates, gamedev.net, future and 3 more...
Ahh.. I love spring and especially the start of baseball season. Things have been very busy at GameDev.net and there has been a ton of conversation and planning regarding the upcoming changes to GameDev.net. This is a very exciting time for the site as we'll be making some very big changes in the upcoming year. The purpose of this update is to keep...

GDNet: Past, Present, and Future

Posted by Khawk, in GDNet 21 March 2011 · 482 views
A lot has changed at GameDev.net in the last few months, and now that we're preparing to enter our next phase of improvements I'm starting to think that it might be time to explain some of the bigger picture stuff happening at GameDev.net, along with how we got to where we are today.

The last few years we've gone through some organizational...

GDNet Marketplace Sneak Peak

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 16 March 2011 · 522 views
marketplace, products, sell and 6 more...
We're going to be launching a new area of the site shortly that has been a highly requested feature among content producers and independent software developers. Our GDNet Marketplace is YOUR store. What we're looking to do is find the very best content producers and developers that already create amazing products and provide a venue for them to...

What direction should we take GDNet+ subscriptions?

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 09 March 2011 · 686 views
First off I'd like to reintroduce myself to those of you who don't know me. My name is Michael Tanczos, and I'm one of the original creators of Gamedev.net (along with Dave Astle, Kevin Hawkins, and John Munsch). We felt that it was about time that we start to improve our line of communications with all of you, because to a lot of people it...

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