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GDNet Marketplace Sneak Peak

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 16 March 2011 · 522 views

marketplace products sell middleware tools content producer art model assets for sale
We're going to be launching a new area of the site shortly that has been a highly requested feature among content producers and independent software developers. Our GDNet Marketplace is YOUR store. What we're looking to do is find the very best content producers and developers that already create amazing products and provide a venue for them to market them to you all.

It's tough to go through the process of creating your own site, marketing the heck out of it, and getting the type of exposure you really want. Believe me, it takes a ton of creativity, patience, and effort to draw people in and go from an unknown to an indie success story. GameDev.net got started as just a few guys running their own sites who just happened to join together and collaborate. We just figured it makes natural sense to give you guys the opportunity to also collaborate with us and take advantage of our site traffic and awesome community. This leaves you with more time to focus more on what you do best, which is to create great content and software.

One of the things we are looking to do is avoid oversaturation of our marketplace with thousands of low-quality textures or models or software and tools that aren't very good. Any game developer wants nothing but the very best for their game, but it absolutely has to be at an affordable price. Because this marketplace will be largely geared towards the indie developer, we will be looking to sell any of the following items:

  • eBooks direct from publishers so you save money over sites like Amazon.com
  • indie middleware and tools to help you create your games
  • content packs - graphics, models, textures.. you don't want to blow a thousand dollars on one model and then stock the rest of your game with low quality models. If you want to look professional you need to have work that has a consistent look and feel to it. To that end we will be looking for content producers that create packs of media content rather than single models
Here is a sneak peak
Attached Image

Attached Image

If you are a content producer with an interest in participating in this program, send me a private message and provide me with some details about what you create. For everyone else, I am just as anxious to unveil over time each new developer or content producer.

Attached Image

Let us know what you want to see out of a marketplace, because it is important that we do everything we can to support the independent developer community that has been such a large part of our success as a site.

That sounds cool - it needs to be very searchable however. I'd love to buy royalty free music for future games - as long as a sizable chunk (thinking 70%) goes to the composer.

I'd also love to buy other developer's indie games from the marketplace, but only if they have been part of the GDNet community for at least a year.
I would also like to be able to buy indie games developed by GDnet members. This is an excellent idea! :-)
I like this idea!
I am intrigued.
Is that GDNet Marketplace mascot the real thing or a placeholder? It looks kinda childish. How about using the Myopic Rhino rhino as a mascot? It's a community store afterall.

Is that GDNet Marketplace mascot the real thing or a placeholder? It looks kinda childish. How about using the Myopic Rhino rhino as a mascot? It's a community store afterall.

It's the real deal. I chose the mascot to represent youth, fun, playfulness.. there are a few versions that look a little programmer nerdy. It's a fun character.

Although I do like the rhino idea, I'm not that great at drawing rhinos. ;)
Love it! Hopefully this will bring some really cool stuff back into GDNet's able hands! :)
I look forward to seeing the content.
I'd love to see some packs of pixel-art -- maybe something akin to a more complete SpriteLib -- if a suitable content contributor could be found.
By any chance, will the Marketplace also be "selling" contractors? Almost like a Rent-a-Coder type of thing, but for musicians, programmers, and artists?

This idea looks great though. I'm sure plenty of indie games are going to make use of these feature. Hopefully you'll be selling those same games on the Marketplace soon as well.
Michael, you really did a good job in the GDNet Marketplace! It's a great place for both sellers and buyers.
I think this sounds like the best idea in a long time! Would also be interested to see something like what Alpha_ProgDes mentions, to enable contract work over GDMarket. Sort of like a more organized and professional "Help Wanted".
One word: Awsome.
Have you decided on any details about percentages or anything like that? Will this be an attractive avenue for the producers as well as the consumers???
Like it. Will hopefully post some cheap art for people.
Yes, we are looking at options to connect people together for teams, whether as contractors or otherwise. We have some legal and technology issues to work out there.

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