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So Everyone Gets a Reputation Boost

Posted by Michael Tanczos, 10 May 2012 · 3,711 views

Everyone this week got a pretty sizeable ratings boost. Why? Because you guys are all so awesome. One of the core objectives that we as a site set this year was to give our members more of a chance to shine. It's tough as a site to figure out ways to do that, and we've tried to do that sort of thing each week by showing off the developer journal posts from our community members in a summary post called Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land . We also have shown top members in each forum on the side of the forum and really tried to localize all the resources related to a topic to the forum itself to make it easier to see what the people within your own little nook of the site are doing.

Attached Image

We have some big changes to the site in the works, and we know we can do much better to put so many hardworking members in the spotlight.. so we are starting with some big changes to our reputation system.

For the TL;DR folks out there, here are some links to play around with:

View the reputation of all members by segment, see how you rank (try searching for your own name!)

Individual member reputation profile

Still reading? Great! Here is some backstory on our reputation system for members..

Gamedev.net has employed some form of reputation/rating system for over 10 years now. Pre-2011 we had a lot of success with a rating system that was modeled after the USCF chess rating system. The idea was that a person with higher rating should be considered more experienced than someone with a lower rating. The original system had one member directly rating the helpfulness of another member. What was different between our system and some of the others out there was that how much a member could contribute to another member was not only related to how many points the rating member had, but what the DIFFERENCE between ratings was.

Basically, if I have a rating of 2000 I was able to have a more profound impact when I rate someone who has 1000 points versus when I rate someone at 1900 points. Granted, it takes time for a person to accumulate rating points but in the end if a person is actively participating on the site they should see a higher rating for themselves.

Old Forum Top Member Listing
Attached Image

In migrating to a different forums we adopted the reputation system built into that native forum. Under this system members gained reputation largely by up/down voting particular posts. This was actually one of the more frequent suggestions we received on how to tweak the old system to make it better. While the system itself is fine, one of the problems we often see is a failure to recognize those who take the time to help each other..

GameDev.net will soon be getting a brand new reputation system for all members.

When we came up with the idea behind GameDev.net’s new reputation system we decided to take a good hard look at some of the more modern technical resource sites out there and see what they were doing. Now we have been using reputation for years, but a number of sites have expanded well beyond what we were doing.

Reputation is a point value that represents how much the community trusts you and how much you give back to the community. You can accumulate reputation points through answering questions and creating articles/journals. What is cool about reputation is that under this new system the more reputation you earn, the more privileges you'll unlock on GameDev.net.

Originally you could only earn reputation by convincing others that you know what you are talking about, but it is far too easy to contribute and not receive proper recognition. We want that to change. Not only are we doing much more to encourage your fellow members to give you recognition for your contributions, but we are putting you in the driver’s seat with a slew of new ways to directly advance your rank within the community.

Attached Image

As a member you’ll be able to earn points for basic site participation activities, for posting helpful replies in the forums, policing the community using moderator actions, and ESPECIALLY for authoring tutorials and helpful blog posts.

Points are split into 4 categories:
  • Scholar - Any up/down votes you receive from posts in the technical, business, or creative forums will be added to the scholar category.
  • Moderator - Points given for moderator actions (activities such as submitting moderator reports, voting on content, providing feedback, etc)
  • Author - Points given to authors who write articles, get them peer reviewed, get articles favorited, etc. This is where people can pick up a lot of rep points if they get an article granted with a peer-reviewed status
  • Participation - Points given for everyday site activities - logging in, up/downvoting others, even signing up!
These 4 categories will combine to create your overall reputation number on the site.

Attached Image

Stay tuned for more information on the new reputation system.. it will include a new Q&A format as well as brand-spanking new way to post articles!

Guys make sure you check out http://www.gamedev.net/sm/ I think this tool is going to make it pretty easy to find members on the site and where they stand.
Yayyy!!!! Reputation is BACK!
How are the members sorted at http://www.gamedev.net/sm/ ? Because superpig is #40, but should be #15.

@Cornstalks superpig is #15 under Scholar but #40 under Reputation.
Love the update!

@Cornstalks superpig is #15 under Scholar but #40 under Reputation.

Yes, but his (overall) Reputation is 1801, which means he should still be placed at #15 under "Reputation"... My question is why the "Reputation" tab doesn't seem to sort by reputation
Good catch. I'll see what is happening in the background in regards to superpig and what is causing his reputation not to be ranked correctly. Note though that the rank is relative to each tab AND the time frame.

Bear in mind this is still brand new stuff so there may be hiccups as we roll out.
Blast. I'd forgotten about reputation. Now I have to start worrying about it again. :)
Is the +/- amount tied to the reputation of the voter? Kinda hope not but it seems to be that way.

Is the +/- amount tied to the reputation of the voter? Kinda hope not but it seems to be that way.

Yes.. it is weighted based on the voter reputation. The max point contribution is a +3 however.
How are the four categories of reputation combined to make your overall score?

How are the four categories of reputation combined to make your overall score?

summation.. the weighting difference comes when points are awarded. A person who gives a lot back to the community to help others can get points more quickly in the non-participation categories however. ie. an action in participation might be a +1, but being upvoted might be a +4 in scholar points
Just so I understand, I noticed that sometimes a +1 against one of my posts gives +3 reputation. Is that the weighting that you mentioned?
Oh, a new reputation rating system to install new tech!?! Dig it! It's all there, from Paticipation to Scholar! Just what is "weighting"?

I have been on this site for a "fair amount" of time and never released that there where 4 areas of points. The greedy side of me is drawing up the idea for an article to "cash-in" on those points. hehe

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