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Shawn Hargreaves' Blog

Debugging Direct3D programs: a taxonomy of error conditions

  Posted by Shawn Hargreaves, 27 November 2012 · 704 views

Eric Lippert wrote a fantastic article that categorizes C# exceptions into four categories:

Exogenous exceptions occur due to the messy nature of reality. Filesystems can run out of space. Network connections can drop. These things are...

Catalin Zima on converting textures to .dds

  Posted by Shawn Hargreaves, 15 November 2012 · 538 views

Catalin has a great article on how to convert textures to .dds format, which is the most efficient way to load images for use with Direct3D. He describes how to integrate the texconv tool (from DirectXTex) into Visual Studio...

Beware of D3D feature level 11 in the Windows Phone emulator

  Posted by Shawn Hargreaves, 06 November 2012 · 447 views

Windows Phone 8 devices support Direct3D 11.1 feature level 9.3, but our emulator uses the WARP rasterizer, which can handle all the way up to feature level 11. This means that, if you aren't careful, it is possible to accidentally use more advanced D3D features while developing in the emulator, only to get an unpleasant surprise when these...

Speed: in which MSDOS meets Windows Phone 8

  Posted by Shawn Hargreaves, 01 November 2012 · 873 views

Inspired by long standing XNA team tradition, the Windows Phone graphics team recently spent some time using our product and trying to build some apps. One of our goals in supporting...