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Walking Towards The Sun


Posted by freeworld, 30 January 2012 · 644 views

~$2,000 and my truck is finally running after 2-3 months, gonna need a $400 fuel pump soon too... uh. ~$200 bucks and I finally got my pc back to normal, but had to reinstall everything. Thing locked up to the point I couldn't get anything off it... good thing I happened to backup my projects two weeks before :). Minor setback... but...

Ardens last four days - day 3

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 10 January 2012 · 573 views

Well it seems the server failure wiped my day 3 post, so I'll repost "Arden's last four days - day 3"

Posted Image

A quickie

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 31 December 2011 · 591 views

Just a quick update on the new conquest game.

-- Updated and filled missing documentation for every header within the project. Only game specific headers.
-- Implemented base instances of all phases (upkeep, first setup, pre action, post action, second setup, and cleanup).
-- Identified several depricated implementations, from original...

Guitar, Tatoos and a little programming

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 24 December 2011 · 502 views

No kids for the weekend... already feels weird. Plus no Sunday magic... and most everyone is with family for the holidays... ah what to do with my time. Well I did some hardcore programming to pass the time. Accessing some of my achievements and future milestones for the project, here's a short version of were I stand.

- Implemented...

What? huh, what?

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 15 December 2011 · 494 views

That's right.... What? Delivered freight, from 8am - 2pm, lunch, nap, stocked freight from 6pm - 11:30 pm. Put my clothes back on and left what easily could've been a models hotel room at 3 am. Somehow made it home to sleep. did it all over again at 8am. Yet I still have no money to show for it.... go figure. Definitely feeling nuttier than squirrel...

Arden's last four days - Day 2

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 11 December 2011 · 283 views

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Arden's last four days - Day 1

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 08 December 2011 · 294 views

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Another one

Posted by freeworld, in Orb of Conquest 04 December 2011 · 346 views

A turn based strategy game with card game mechanics, *sigh* I know... exciting. I've had this on the back burner for a long time and just never brought it to light. Just messing around with art some more I redid all the original 1st grader art. Not really a huge improvement, but atleast it has consistancey and everything is not just solid colors. blah...


Posted by freeworld, 13 November 2011 · 612 views

Oh bethseda you do love putting out fun and buggy games. They definitely took alot of the good things from the fallout games when it comes to the controls. Oblivion always seemed so hard to gather/collect stuff to the point I usually only picked up things that looked worth it. I love the fact that when you enter a conversation you're not stuck in it,...

zolonoid 4th progression

Posted by freeworld, 02 November 2011 · 319 views

Updated editor (finished) and put together a horror theme.

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