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Disciple of Jonato

Octree Voxel Planet

Posted by CRYP7IK, 09 January 2015 - - - - - - · 792 views

Just some fun with octrees and voxels.

Basically as the observer gets closer the voxels break themselves down into more accurate pieces of the planets terrain. It's like a weird mix of octree and voxels.


Unity Tile Map Editor

Posted by CRYP7IK, 28 October 2014 - - - - - - · 1,536 views
unity, tile, map, editor and 1 more...
Unity Tile Map Editor Recently I started a game with a friend which required a tile map, the following is a series of the editor progress.

So first I got a basic layout of the UI:

Then a pluggable menu bar (Inherit from ITileMapMenuItem and add it to the window).

Followed by ripped images from Tiled and all basic tools in as skeletons

Then I added the layer contro...

Toasty Update #9

Posted by CRYP7IK, 28 January 2014 - - - - - - · 718 views

Toasty Update #9 Hey guys!

The lack of recent updates was because I was travelling with my partner, we went to many places but the main event was Las Vegas new years, which was insane!

So, I've been back for a few days and I'm ready for another update in this one I have added a basic AngelScriptSystem, which is pretty interesting.

The angelscript system has a few cool...

Toasty Update #8

Posted by CRYP7IK, 21 December 2013 - - - - - - · 684 views

Okay, I ran into an issue with the editor lately, and that is when a plugin is added and it adds it's control to the inspector (think from Unity) when an entity is selected with a component it added to the engine it will position itself very far down making it not look aesthetic, which I think is important. But in the mean-time (I haven't been able to fix...

Toasty Update #7

Posted by CRYP7IK, 17 November 2013 - - - - - - · 670 views
toasty, engine, editor, component and 5 more...
Toasty Update #7 This update is being dedicated to the editor and here is what I have done and what's left to do so far:

Scene Entity View

Used to add or remove entities from the GameSystem and current scene it displays a pure list of entities. It has the ability to filter entities by name and grouping of entities. Sends an entityselected event and entitydeselected eve...

Toasty Inspiration

Posted by CRYP7IK, 12 November 2013 - - - - - - · 875 views

I just thought I might mention projects I keep up to date on to help inspire me to finish Toasty plus I check them out to steal features or some aspects of editor or engine design. This might also be useful for people looking to find free or paid engines or editors out there!

Unity3D is the most popular engine\editor on the market at the moment and even...

Toasty Update #6

Posted by CRYP7IK, 12 November 2013 - - - - - - · 569 views
engine, sfml, component, based and 3 more...
Toasty Update #6 So in this update the big change is proper depth ordering, until now the depth of things drawn on screen using the SFMLRenderSystem was based on what order the component was added to the system. The new way just utilises the z component in the entities position property and sorts the vector every update and while may not be that great in my tests has almo...

Toasty Update #5

Posted by CRYP7IK, 08 November 2013 - - - - - - · 673 views

Recently I have been thinking about how the editor works, now I don't really have much experience with GUI applications, especially those that are going to be as complicated as a game editor, yes I have done simple stuff like map editors but they do not compare.

So the first requirement I had is I want an interface similar to Visual Studio or Unity3D, wi...

Toasty Update #4

Posted by CRYP7IK, 31 October 2013 - - - - - - · 655 views
entity, component, system, toasty and 3 more...
Toasty Update #4 Hey there! Look it's already Update #4!

So in this update I included a video to show things off in motion and the video has an explanation of the update. The test currently involves about 40000 tiles (200*200 map) and ~4000 entities (trees and a single animated goblin) the map is randomly generated each time (Which made me realise how complicated C++11...

Toasty Update #3

Posted by CRYP7IK, 27 October 2013 - - - - - - · 733 views
c++, entity, component, based and 6 more...
Toasty Update #3 Things done for this update:

SFMLDeltaTimer Added

I added an SFML based timer so that it can be used instead of the chrono timer on windows.

SFMLRenderSystem Added

So the SFML render system is pretty simple, it's constructor takes width, height and a window title. It automatically creates a window with those attributes (Which you can change or...

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