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D Bits

DerelictGLFW and a Word on Binding D to C

Posted by Aldacron, in D, Derelict 24 June 2011 · 1,558 views
D, Derelict
Recently, in the Derelict forums, someone asked me if I wanted him to update his GLFW binding, based on the old Derelict, for the Derelict 2 branch so that I could add it to the trunk. We had a GLFW binding in Derelict before, but removed it due to issues with building the GLFW shared...

Dolce Progress and A Word on Mixins

Posted by Aldacron, in D, Derelict, Dolce 11 June 2011 · 522 views
D, Derelict, Dolce
My time has been limited lately, but the core of Dolce continues to evolve. I think it's converging into something fairly decent. I'm still not completely happy with it, but I believe I'm most of the way there. As usual, I'm getting wild ideas for new projects. Like a renewed interest in building a 2D library from scratch in D. Or a more...

Operator Overloading in D

Posted by Aldacron, in D, Dolce 29 May 2011 · 972 views
D, Dolce
I didn't add much of anything new to Dolce in the past week. The time I had to work on it was mostly spent refactoring. I'm patching this thing together haphazardly as I go along. I have a good idea of what I want it to do, but how to organize it all wasn't clear from the beginning. Package hierarchy, structs vs classes, module content, and so...

D Arrays

Posted by Aldacron, in D 26 May 2011 · 600 views
Every D programmer loves D's arrays. All of them. I challenge you to find one who doesn't. Particularly, it's the ability to slice and manipulate arrays without worrying about memory that really pulls people in.

In my previous post, I talked about Dolce's game...

Dolce and Free Functions

Posted by Aldacron, in D, Dolce 22 May 2011 · 932 views
D, Dolce
There's one thing that's missing from D that I really wish it had: namespaces. There have been discussions about this on the D newsgroup in the past. Walter Bright, D's daddy, has taken the position that D's modules *are* namespaces. In a way, they are. But, not really.

For those new to the party, D eliminates the need for header files....

To Wrap or Not To Wrap

Posted by Aldacron, in D, Dolce 18 May 2011 · 255 views
D, Dolce
One issue I briefly considered with Dolce is whether or not I should wrap Allegro in a nice, D-style API. I played around with it a little bit, wrapping an audio stream, first as a class and then as a struct. For those of you unfamiliar with D, yes, there is a difference.

Structs in D are, by default, value types. Classes are reference types. You...

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