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Beginnings of the Wayward Programmer

6 months later and I'm back

Posted by Alpheus, 18 April 2005 - - - - - - · 163 views

I have the worst procrastination-itis in the world. I have 4 papers due on the 24th and I haven't started any of them yet. [flaming] I suck. I went into some sort of slump, which happens every semester. Now I can't get out of it. Anyway, hopefully I'll get enough gumption to hurry and finish. Geez. Me.

In other news, I passed my second test in my...

Another Day... another tribulation

Posted by Alpheus, 20 November 2004 - - - - - - · 181 views

Well after 3 months (on and off) of Hung-Fot Kung-Fu training, I'm going for my basics test. My flexiblity is still horrible but hopefully I'll be able to work on that during the Christmas break. Also I got two wonderful new books: Data Strucutures for Game Programmers and Tricks of the (Actual) 3D Game Programming Gurus. The latter is massive and very...

Rejoining Mental and Physical Activity

Posted by Alpheus, 24 August 2004 - - - - - - · 173 views

As most will be able to see, I tend to use the Yin/Yang symbol. I think it's appropriate seeing that I'm taking Hung Fut Kung-Fu, a derivative of Shaolin Kung-Fu. I hope I'm able to balance, if not juggle, 15 credits, learning game programming from Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus, and Kung-Fu. Oy! Nothing would be more satisfying then being...

My First Journal...

Posted by Alpheus, 23 August 2004 - - - - - - · 213 views

....and nothing to say

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