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Journal of iNsAn1tY

XSI finally playing ball...

Posted by iNsAn1tY, 12 September 2004 - - - - - - · 161 views

I've finally figured out how to use the XSI|FTK, and my loader for *.xsi files has come together in just a few days. I'm hoping to write a short tutorial on extracting static mesh data from an XSI file, and perhaps one that shows how to extract a keyframe animated or skinned mesh (once I figure out how to do that :)

Back from the North!

Posted by iNsAn1tY, 30 August 2004 - - - - - - · 169 views

Went up to Leeds for the music festival this weekend (see here for more info). In short, it was great.

Got back to work on my demo, and really made some progress on one of the systems that's been holding me back a bit: user input. I've coded an input reader class and input listener interface, similar to the system employed in OGRE. Classes...

First Entry - Back From Italy...

Posted by iNsAn1tY, 23 August 2004 - - - - - - · 149 views

Been in France, Switzerland and Italy for the past couple of weeks, but now I'm back to finish my summer project. More details (and hopefully the finished article) soon...

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