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YodamanJer's Journal

Some notes on my future game

Posted by YodamanJer, in A*Little*Epic, GLBasic 03 October 2011 · 410 views

Something that I've realized recently (over the last couple of days) is that I have NO idea how to program 2D games. When I first started programming back in 2007, I jumped head-first into 3D and never even looked into the 2D stuff. Normally, people start out with 2D, but not me; I was too excited about making an explorable world, similar to...

GLBasic - My next game development tool

Posted by YodamanJer, 25 September 2011 · 804 views

My next game will not be produced with Blitz3D after all. After studying GLBasic for a few days and playing with its various demos, seeing others' incredibly impressive work and looking at screen shots and videos, I would be stupid not to go with GLBasic.

The language is a lot simpler of a switch from DarkBASIC to Blitz3D, and it also seems to be...


Posted by YodamanJer, 14 September 2011 · 535 views

Hi all!

I'm new to this forum, but I'm certainly not new to programming! I've been dabbling around in DarkBASIC for ages (since 2007) and have created a few interesting things. My main projects have included level editors and small platform games, but unfortunately I lost all of them in a crash, and even worse is that since DarkBASIC...

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