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Lyost's Journal

D3D11 Framework Update

Posted by Lyost, 10 March 2013 · 1,093 views

While there is still plenty of work to do on my d3d11 framework, I thought I'd post an update on the current status. For what's currently in it:keyboard inputmouse inputvertex shaderspixel shadersviewportsblend and depth stencil statestexturing (just loading from a file for now, will be expanding functionality later)resizing/fullscreen toggling A short li...

Public header generation

Posted by Lyost, 06 January 2013 · 678 views

In the course of expanding and fixing the D3D11 framework from my previous journal entry, I've found that there are types and functions that I want to have as public in the library but not exposed outside of it (internal scope in C#). Instead of purely using the pimpl idiom (for those unfamiliar with the term or how to apply it, these should help explain...

D3D11 Port of Particle System Rendering - with source

Posted by Lyost, 29 December 2012 · 1,063 views

The D3D11 port of the rendering process for my particle system editor is complete (VC++ 2010 project and source under the MIT license can be found at the end of this entry, also you will need to edit the include and additional dependancy paths to build). The hardest part of the project has been finding time for it since my job has been demanding evenings...

Particle System Editor - Edit: Now with source

Posted by Lyost, 30 September 2012 · 1,439 views

Reason for the Project

In the tank game, the particle system was probably one of the weaker parts of the game on the technical side. In addition, it was a tedious process to adjust it: run the game, get to a point where the particle system will be used, kick it off, exit, tweak it, and repeat. Which is why my project after that was this...

XNA Game Complete

Posted by Lyost, 29 December 2011 · 1,040 views


The primary goals of my tank game project were: to learn about the XNA framework, and create a feature complete game. I feel that I have accomplished both. Though I used the term "feature complete game" instead of "complete game" because all the code is there and working for the game, but content is lacking. ...

Content Pipeline Navmeshes and SharedResource

Posted by Lyost, 21 November 2011 · 369 views

While working on a basic statemachine AI for my tank game, I found that my A* pathfinding on a navmesh wasn't working. I had already verified that the A* implementation worked in a tester program, which created the navmesh at run-time. However in the game, the content pipeline is used for loading a navmesh from an XML file. The A* implementation was...

Mesh's Matrix

Posted by Lyost, 22 October 2011 · 583 views

Model Processing

While working on a model processor to determine the bounds of a model, I noticed something odd. The min/max were not what I expected and the total width did not match the model. The code is simple and taken from one of my tester programs were it worked correctly, so I was wondering why this model was an...

My Search for Pitch and Roll

Posted by Lyost, 19 October 2011 · 327 views


Don't let the title deceive you, this is not a simple rotation case. This is the subject that I've spent more time on than any other in my tank game so far, even more than the rest of the game combined. If I had found a solution, this dev journal entry would probably be named "Orientation of Objects Substantially...

Shooting and Hit Detection

Posted by Lyost, 16 October 2011 · 709 views

Since my plan for the tank game was to be a quick game to develop1, I decided to just do hit-scan weapons instead of actually generating a projectile object and tracking it. Naturally, I went with a 2-tiered approach of a fast-rejection phase followed by a more precise test.

Due to my game objects being able to rotate, I went with bounding...

Starting with XNA

Posted by Lyost, 16 October 2011 · 515 views

Normal Mapping

After reading and going through the code in "Learning XNA 4.0" by Aaron Reed, I created a few minor test programs to play with some basic rendering techniques while learning more of the XNA framework. In each of these programs, I used simple models to test against (cubes, spheres, and a curved surface in...

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