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WorldAlpha.com DevBlog

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 694 to Day 707: Closed Beta Success, IndieGoGo and more

Posted by worldalpha, 02 December 2012 · 808 views

Closed Beta #1 is a Success
Well, the days coming up to last weekend’s Closed Beta were a little nerve wracking as we put in long hours, to get as much functionality in the game as possible for the first closed beta. Ideally, all the elements would have been there and just needed tweaking, but as a small indie team, there was still a lot that was...

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 673 to Day 679: IndieGoGo and Closed Beta Keys

Posted by worldalpha, 04 November 2012 · 809 views

Well today we started our IndieGoGo campaign. Unlike many other IndieGoGo and Kickstarter campaigns that raise funds to create or complete a game, WorldAlpha will be completed without any additional funding. What our campaign is about is allowing you, our early fans, to get great rewards when we launch our game in March 2013. It will raise...

WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 656 to Day 672: One Year Anniversary and Types of Government

Posted by worldalpha, 28 October 2012 · 925 views

One Year Anniversary
Well, it was 1 year ago today that I this website WorldAlpha.com was started. It seemed early to a lot of people, but it proved to be a real crystallizer in terms of helping me think through the project, and making it a reality. I have enjoyed writing DevBlogs and getting people’s responses to the game, and hearing input from...

Day 642 to Day 648 - Greenlight, It's a Start Finalist and Closed Beta Dates announced

Posted by worldalpha, 14 October 2012 · 825 views

It has been a very exciting week for the team at WorldAlpha. As I mentioned a couple devblogs ago, I submitted WorldAlpha into a competition at Digifest called It’s a Start. Well, the winners were to be announced this past week on Wednesday. The day came...

Day 635 to Day 641 - Game Trailer, WorldAlpha Story & Alpha Testing

Posted by worldalpha, 07 October 2012 · 725 views

Lots of exciting things have been happening every week, as more and more people get involved in the project. It is exciting for me to see what I have been envisioning for the last almost 2 years finally coming into fruition.
Game Trailer
Well, I realize that our first game trailer was all concept, but we finally have enough gameplay and UI in place...

Day 614 to Day 620 - WorldAlpha Finally Taking Shape

Posted by worldalpha, 16 September 2012 · 1,063 views

Well after more than a year of working with programmer art for a majority of what makes up WorldAlpha, it is nice to finally see some final artwork to be used in the game. Serge was busy all week creating icons for the different products in the game. Here are just a couple samples of this...

Day 608 to Day 613 – Surprising Results, Lead Artist, and more Economy

Posted by worldalpha, 09 September 2012 · 754 views

Surprising Results
We have grown our newsletter to over 6,800, and have only used it once before to announce beta testing for WorldAlpha Sniper. Our last email provided fantastic results with over 1,000 beta testers in 24 hours. This time we used it to promote WorldAlpha Sniper being released, and it unfortunately had very little impact to...

Day 601 to Day 609 - WorldAlpha Sniper Update, Graphic Artist Flood & Beta Testing Help.

Posted by worldalpha, 04 September 2012 · 693 views

WorldAlpha Sniper Update

Well after taking into consideration a lot of the comments from the first version of WorldAlpha Sniper, we have released a new update that now allows for use on iPad 1, iPods 4+, and iPhone 3GS. If you have an iOS, and could take a moment to download, the free app, and give it at least a 3 star review, we’d appreciate it....

Day 568 to Day 600 – Minigame Feedback, Economy Almost Done, Artist Wanted and more

Posted by worldalpha, 26 August 2012 · 889 views

It has been a very busy month. With the launch of the first minigame, we have had a huge increase in the interest for WorldAlpha. Traffic to our site has more than doubled. With the game launched, I knew there would be feedback, but unfortunately not what I had hoped.

Some iTunes store reviews
1. Horrible - This game first started with a long...

Day 540 to Day 567 - WorldAlpha Sniper Finally Launched for iOS

Posted by worldalpha, 23 July 2012 · 708 views

Well, after many months of working with several graphic artists and programmers, WorldAlpha Sniper is finally launched and live in the App Store! It was definitely a steep learning curve, but I’m happy with the final product. To get your copy and support the ongoing work of WorldAlpha, you can purchase the...

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