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Classic RPG #1 - Task 3 - Update 6

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 29 March 2012 · 800 views

Task 3 Update 5: http://www.gamedev.n...ask-3-update-5/

Hello everyone! Sorry for all the delays on getting some progress done!

I've been working on the temporary place holder sprites for the game. Here is a sneak peak of 3 of the enemies you will face when roaming around the Winter North.

Posted Image

Ice Spider
Posted Image

Frost Wurm
Posted Image

Again... This is all place holder art, so I'm not putting a lot of effort in making the sprites look perfect. I should have all the sprites completed by the end of Sunday! Once this has been accomplished, I will get a main character roaming around some maps, and get cities working with menus!

Thanks for reading!

O_o that wurm reminds me of the aliens in Dreamcatcher! run away!
lol I hope that's not a bad thing! ;)
I love the yeti, he looks pretty hungry =) looking forward to the rest!
Thanks! ;)
Frost Wurm! awesome! nothing invokes more terror than facing a wurm or snake in my opinion. I dream at night of massively long multi-tile snakes.
Great start, can't wait to see the rest of the placeholders