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Classic RPG #1 - Task 5

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 18 August 2012 · 734 views

Previous Entry - Task 4 - Update 1: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1376/entry-2254914-classic-rpg-1-task-4-update-1/

Task 5:

Now that the menus are all done and working, it's time to work on the next task! The goals for task 5 include completing the item system, such as weapons, armor, and potion drops. I will also complete the combat system, which means melee, and magic combat will be ready to use; This however does not include combat balancing.

Task 5's Goals:
  • All Items Programmed
  • Basic Melee Combat Developed
  • Magic Combat Developed
  • Item Usage System (HP / MP Potions)
  • Experience and Spell Level System

Stay tuned, as I'm holding off on the video until I have the first area complete for a Boss fight!

I just have to say, it amazes me how well organized you managed to stay.
I'm this organized throughout the first week or so of my projects and then it quickly goes down hill. I've not even touch my project manager in around 2 months lol.

Keep up the great work mate! I'm looking forward to seeing the next video :D
Thanks! I've been a bit side track with Guild Wars 2! However, progress will continue!

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