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Possible iPhone / iPad Development

Posted by Black-Rook, 25 October 2012 · 1,343 views

I've been looking to jump into app development for quite some time now. There are a hand full of applications and game ideas I would like to create and release. However, I'm not willing to purchase an iMac as I'm a Windows user unless it's the only good option.

I did find DragonFireSDK http://www.dragonfiresdk.com/

Would this be a recommended option to begin development? I don't mind purchasing software, so any suggestions are appreciated!

I've been doing some more research and found Marmalade, however these SDK's have some pitfalls. I think I might just dish out money for a Mac and start development in a few months from now.
Never used it myself, but pitfalls aside (as with anything), I have heard many good impressions about Marmalade, and never a bad one. Just sayin'.
Well there is always Windows 8 Metro. No need to jump ship, but if you think its the right thing to do as I did I would highly recommend getting an iMac and learning Xcode. It will make life easier in the long run. If I can help in anyway just send me a PM.
I sent you a PM.
I started my iOS development on a Mac Mini. $600 for a pretty good dev platform.

I'm using Cocos2d for the development library. It works wells with the native Cocoa Touch libraries, but doesn't do 3D. Not a problem for me with my sprite-based games, but it is something to consider. There is a Cocos2d-x fork for porting to Windows, but I haven't delved into it yet and I'm not sure it would work in the reverse direction.
Thanks for the post. I think I will indeed be buying a Mac Mini to start because it's so cheap to start off with.
Start with the basics, Black-Rook, by using Wikipedia. Plenty of references, see alsos, and a long platform list.
For iOS using Objective-C is a walk in the park for me because I've programmed in C and C++ for so long. :)

Numenor, I would just use a Mac with Xcode programming in Objective C. I just wasn't sure if it was wise to stay with Windows and try to shortcut buying a Mac, but I'm going to buy one anyhow.

Thanks for the link, this will give me a good look at other mobile devices.