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A Keyboard and the Truth

Update 6/19 Work In Progress travel map

Posted by EDI, 19 June 2014 · 58 views

I'm not much of a "free-hand" artist, but below is a work in progress of some art for the new Garranshall travel map.

The goal with using stylized maps for local and world maps; is to help convey more about an area and culture; than you can get from traveling at the ground level.

This way, gameplay maps can stay focused on gameplay; and larger swaths of...

Update 6/17

Posted by EDI, 17 June 2014 · 43 views

Hi all,

Way too long since my last update (~2 weeks).

I've been making good progress with the map views in Revel, which are the main gameplay spaces.

I now have Morning walking about and can place down various structures.

I also spent considerable time stripping out a bunch of unneeded code and making performance modifications particularly in the are...

Development Update 6/2

Posted by EDI, 02 June 2014 · 26 views

Hola Everyone,

I enjoyed a birthday over the weeked; I'm now 31 *groan* ;)

Design Related Update

I'm happy to say that I'm pretty much set with the land-mass layout of the Revel Immortal world map.

I've created a base graphic and imported it into the engine in the WorldMap view class; expressing 'rooms' on this map and performing fast travels betwee...

Back in the Swing

Posted by EDI, 28 May 2014 · 127 views

So, it's been about a week since my last update; and I had a good Memorial day weekend with my wife and friends.

I am fully moved out of the Eastworks office; a place where I spent the better part of 2013 building Revel Immortal.

The final decision to move my development back home came from a few sources:

1. The house, and all homeownership demands was...


Posted by EDI, 20 May 2014 · 129 views

Greetings All,

I just returned from two weeks vacation in Florida, the time-off has been great. It has been about two months now since my last update; my last two month break was in the sept. -> oct. 2013 time frame; I've been trying to keep them about six months apart.

So now, summer is right around the corner and it's time to get back to Revel Imm...

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