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A Keyboard and the Truth

A bit more on change

Posted by EDI, 07 March 2016 · 627 views

Let's start with a new screenshot, showing some of the 'human/male' graphics I did over the weekend; and the new 'name ribbons' for portraits. http://i.imgur.com/p3WqvH3.jpg  Images aside, I wanted to formally touch upon why I've chosen this new graphical and gameplay style for Revel Immortal. It can really be boiled down to content being t...

More to see

Posted by EDI, 04 March 2016 · 362 views

I wanted to take some time to show another WIP screen from Revel Immortal, this time part of the 'talk' user interface. 

A small peek of what's in the works

Posted by EDI, 29 February 2016 · 464 views

Greetings all, It's been roughly a month since my last update; though I've been giving detailed updates via the edigames Facebook page, mostly weekly; mostly uninteresting. 
While I didn't mention it in my last post; it has been necessary to modify the format or 'style' of Revel Immortal, such that the content creation is doable ...and when I sa...

I'm not dead...

Posted by EDI, 19 January 2016 · 586 views

Though it depends on your definition of dead, in some ways I might as well be. 
Content? There's been a startling lack of it. 
Why? Life as an employed 32 year old husband and property owner ...and probably some general laziness. 
So yeah, sorry, progress has been very slow; I am working on Revel Immortal; as like any game project it would...

I'm Back!

Posted by EDI, 21 October 2015 · 167 views

Whew, glad to be back, sorry it took so long.

Working on getting back into the swing; along with battening down the hatches as winter isn't far off.

Happy to say the office space work was a success, along with my home bar.


More on development news later.


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