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A Keyboard and the Truth

Revel Immortal Update 12/9

Posted by EDI, 09 December 2014 · 77 views

Wait what? An update that isn't one month apart?

Indeed; things are moving faster; this weekend saw implementation of the Quests UI and the NPC Talk UI.

Both extremely key to moving the project forward.


Next on the chopping block is to re-hook-up combat; with modifications per the new UI.

And closely followin...

Revel Immortal 12/2 Update

Posted by EDI, 02 December 2014 · 113 views

Greetings All,

Things have been coming along quite well; and while I could go into the nitty gritty detail; I think it is better to just show some progress.


so, what I have here to show is Revel Immortal v22e --that is the 5th pre-release revision of v22.

Like before, this is not an actual truly public revisio...


Posted by EDI, 14 November 2014 · 148 views

Greetings all,

Seems I am on-par with my monthly updates.

First off, I'd like to say; sorry the changes to Revel are taking so long; but I can say a large part of this delay has been through prototyping and having the resolve to say:

"Nah.. that doesn't look/play/feel/sound/smell good."

Instead of simply saying "meh. its good enough" as I've admitte...

TL;DR or (No Images, no care)

Posted by EDI, 21 October 2014 · 175 views

I am well aware that if a journal post contains no images it tends to get no meaningful feedback.

So, since I am not yet ready to release new screens of Revel; I won't waste your time exaustively listing development minutua that it seems no one cares about.

Instead, I will merely state that development has been going strong; stronger in fact than during...

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