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A Keyboard and the Truth

Left, Left, Left Right Left

Posted by EDI, 31 May 2005 · 71 views

Greetings All,

Been a little while since my last update. Here is what we have acomplished since then.

The Blood System:

I recently added the blood system to MW, this now makes it so that when you damage somone they spatter blood onto the ground. The amount of spatter is relative to the severity of the damge you deal out, for instance.

you do 10...

Fun with Photoshop!

Posted by EDI, 27 May 2005 · 60 views

Another EDI original crapster-piece master-piece:


Posted by EDI, 27 May 2005 · 32 views

Greetings everyone,

Sorry I skipped a few days on posts, it has been a tough week both at work and with MW.

So, Zac and I are working to improve the quality of the castle maps so that they, like the lost region, will have a unique feel to them.

I have a screen shot that shows Morning's room, with some modified graphics, we felt she needed a bigger...

A new scene =)

Posted by EDI, 24 May 2005 · 27 views

We now crawl up from the depths of the lost region, to the captured floors of the castle.

Two castle floors, filled with people to rescue, puzzles to solve, and Ashidians to slay!

For those of you who don't remember, here is the basic game map layout.
(the lost region has since been much more filled out.)

We are starting the polishing process by making...

The Lost Region is finnished!

Posted by EDI, 23 May 2005 · 57 views

A visit from the lost Prince, to urge you to leave:

That's right folks,

we are done polishing the lost region, which is half of the non-linear gameplay in MW.

This coupled with the existing polishing work, puts at half-way through the polishing phase (1/4 intro game,1/4 lost region)

We did this in a record time of two weeks, putting us two weeks ahead...

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