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A Keyboard and the Truth


Posted by EDI, 18 May 2005 · 36 views

So, last night while working on the lost region (which is becoming even more awesome, by the way.) I ran into a scripting issue.

In the past we've had some occasional 'phantom bugs' (The Phantom of the Script Code (where is ALW when you need him[grin])) in scripting, but most of them could be solved by realizing a syntax error in the code. Some,...

Completion of the light towers puzzle

Posted by EDI, 17 May 2005 · 83 views

yay, more polishing work =D

What game since Monkey Island 3, has given you the oppourtunity to have a skull as an inventory item, I ask you that! =D

Another screenshot =D

Posted by EDI, 16 May 2005 · 80 views

A light tower in the lost region Illuminated!!!

The pollishing phase at work

Posted by EDI, 13 May 2005 · 46 views

Rendered the model for the Lost King,
Also decided to rearange the furniture a bit.
In case anyone is wondering, the dialogue you are seeing is only a piece of the conversations. I don't want you to think the game is just full of one-liners =D

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