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A Keyboard and the Truth

Beta Version 3.5 Released

Posted by , 05 August 2005 - - - - - - · 61 views

So, Finally released beta version 3.5 which fixes lots and lots of issues present in 3.4

I would like to take a moment to note that,

PixeledRain For being the first tester to complete Morning's Wrath.

We don't have an accurate hour-count, but he recieved the demo on the 25th of july and completed the game on the 4th of august, with what seemes to be a casual approach to gaming.

It seems we are well on our way to Gold Disk, and MW is living up to our expectations.


Posted by , 04 August 2005 - - - - - - · 48 views

So some people lately have been wondering where all the screenshots are =)

Somone who has been following the project since it surfaced on GDNet should have noticed that the majority of screenshots appeared during both the map design and scripting phase.

I would say 'almost' all of the areas in the game have been seen (in part) through the screenshots that have been previously released.

However, some maps have been tweaked since then.

Most of the 'Castle maps' have not been released as screenshots, they were not nearly as much fun to design or look at, as the lost region shots.

Thankfully Zac has taken mounds and mounds of screenshots from all over the game, so we have those on hand.

In the mean time, here is a current screenshot of The Ruined Atrium, (the game's 'crossroad'), as well as some inventory items.(in png to show beautiful 32 bit awesomeness)

somone who knows the maps well, would notice immediately that the entraceway is a bit more pronounced now, we did this to ease the transition between the maps and to clean up the look, instead of simply 'a hole in the wall'


Posted by , 03 August 2005 - - - - - - · 68 views

So, we have made a decision to stop external testing.

Mainly because we are not getting what we hopped out of it.
We found most testers to be extreamly under-zealous, yet more than willing to bash us, as if the free beta copy they were playing was actually the Final 'I-paid-30-bucks-for' copy.

So the majority of testing on the MW will continue as in-person testing sessions, AND choice remote people who have shown good beta testing skills in the past.

But as far as plucking people out of the vast blue sea of GDNet in hopes that they will be good testers, that has come to an end.

If anyone here still wants to be a beta tester, they will need to prove to me, somehow, that they will be a good beta tester.

With that out of the way, we can move on to:

Stuff I've done recently:

My time on MW recently has consisted mainly of bug fixing, and thus far things have gone well.

It seems that we have tamed the savage save-game beast, and it is now working very well.

The Phantom Bug:

Unfortunetly we are experiencing a phantom bug,
it comes without a warning and at different times and crashes the game to the desktop.

Due to the severity I am wagering it is a System-Level bug, and my spider-sense tells me it is the audio adaptor.

The Audio Adaptor

Oh what horror. Everything was wonderful in AudioAdaptor land until a long while back we needed to integrate audio streaming (keeping a bunch of 40 MB PCM wave data files in RAM is not smart =D)

I implemented streaming using multi-threading, and the DirectSound notification system (waiting on HEVENTs), and it's always been flaky.

Somtimes out of the blue, WaitForMultipleObjectsEx will just fail to wait, and at times the adaptor will just cause an illegal exception and die.

So in short, it's got issues.

I am going to implement a new system in accordance with one of the DirectSound articles here in GDNet, which seems to be more efficant and less prone for error (all of the potential synchronization gotchas).

Anyone who has ever worked will filling buffers with raw data, knows the potential hazards of a slight miscalculation.

So for the moment I am going to say the bug is that.
It better be that.
Better not be anything graphical wise.
Or I'll kill it.
Yeah. [grin]


Posted by , 02 August 2005 - - - - - - · 69 views

Was slightly inspired, but it's not all that good.

To the tune of, In the hall of the mountain king

My new game it will be great!
I'm a noob!
Cannot wait!

My new game will be so great - you all will want to play!

First I des-ign every-thing!
Swords, Bracelets!
Helms and Rings!

Anything you want to do - you can do in my game!!!!

It will have a million quests!
Treasure Chests!
Armored Vests!

It will have more things - than you could ever hope to do!!!!

Dungeons! Dragons! Wizards Too!
All by me!
All for you!

Anything you want to do - will be inside my game!!!!

A million players at a time!
On one server!
On one line!

Bandwidth use will be on par - with standard IRC!!!

There will be no monthly fee!
All for free!
Thanks to me!

Physics that you soon will see surpass reality!!!!!


I think I'll use VB!!!

To the tune of: Sublime › Santeria

I don’t practice C religon
I don't know bout' funcition calls.
If I had a big ol' budget well I'd,
I’d spend it all!
If I could learn to program, and get my butt up off the ground,
Well I’d write an awesome game and get cash by the mound!

When I really wanna code,
My baby, what I really want to code I can't design.
Well this game,
will be great, oh ,
But my design will have to,
Wait till I get back and code an engine of my own.
re-invent the wheel one and all.

I feel the bugs,
Feel the bugs,
Feel the bugs and I got to patch it up,
Oh, yea huh, well I swear that i.
What I really wanna code, baby,
What I really want to code I can’t design.
This game will be great, oh ,
My design will have to...

What I really wanna code,
My baby,
What I really wanna code is I can't design.
And I’ll make it, yes, I’m compilin' it.

Tell carmack that if he knows what is good for him he best go run and hide.
Our fps is over 45.
And I won’t think twice to stick this game straight in his face and gloat.
Believe me when I say that I've made a really awesome class!
What I really wanna code, my baby,
What I really wanna say is it's no fun,
This sucks,
And hate it, yea,
But my design is really great.
Yea, yea, yea


Posted by , 01 August 2005 - - - - - - · 37 views

So, the weekened went well and was extreamly productive.

Here are a few things that were accomplished:

  • Fixed State Clearing/Restoration

  • Integrated 14 of the 20 new item graphics for artifacts

  • Made doors block when a character is in them, and gave them blocked sounds

  • Made map transition 'portals' much easier to use

  • Integrated Version3 of the revised dialogue

  • A whole lotta testing =D

  • While im doing all this testing, zac is taking a slew of screen shots which will be for the website.

    Thankfully the bugs seems to be getting progressively less, and my screams are becoming more infrequent.

    As things are I would say the begining of the game is pretty well tested as of now.


    It is unfortunate that when signifigant patches come out, it invalidates previously saved games.

    Most of the testers have seemed to be pretty intollerant of this.

    But I have little love for people who get to play MW both Ahead of Time and free, and still find it okay to complain that they have to start over when we fix bugs.

    In light of this we may be switching to purely internal and physical testing, I feel it may be a bit too easy for internet folk to gripe about beta quality as if they actually paid for it.

    There has _also_ been a marked trend in this:

    guy1: I really want to test MW!
    edi: okay, here it is, please report any bugs.
    *never hear from guy1 again*

    this urks me to no end, I would say that about 3/4 of the people we have test MW never report a single bug or even feedback.

    Again, for these reasons we are likely to cut the internet community out of things unless the trend changes.


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