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A Keyboard and the Truth


Posted by EDI, 07 May 2005 · 32 views

Hee Hee Hee

Posted by EDI, 06 May 2005 · 37 views

Proper Integration and usage of the johnhattan Module:

heh. make a mockery of my game sprites will you![grin]

Of Publishers, Profits and Purists

Posted by EDI, 06 May 2005 · 39 views

In response to DevNull's comment in my last post, I am going to present the reasons as to why do or don't want a publisher for our games.


One thing that _really_ disturbs me about the developer/publisher relationship, is that in a lot of cases, you see on the box...



Now, if the publisher paid...

Oy veh...

Posted by EDI, 05 May 2005 · 32 views

John Law stuck it to me:
Today... has not been my day, and it is only 10:36AM =)

So I woke up late for starters (too much late night coding), I got ready then jumped into my car. I leave the driveway of my apartment and head down the hill to Route9. Just like any other day, listening to the radio, yawning(gah.),getting ready for another day of...