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A Keyboard and the Truth

Thought of new gameplay features

Posted by EDI, 20 May 2005 · 50 views

So last night, while Zac and I were taking a break(we need one now and then for our sanity) to talk about how cool it will be once MW is finished.

I had mentioned to Zac, my concern about the castle maps having lots of empty rooms, which nearly nothing to do in most of them.

Zac agreed that it did seem like a waste of space, and we should fill ...

Lost Prince Statues

Posted by EDI, 20 May 2005 · 38 views

These imposing figures act as points where the lost prince will appear. Probably a good idea to stay away from them =)

Pushing foward at light-speed

Posted by EDI, 19 May 2005 · 54 views

So last night, I did the final touches, on the completion of the lost region tower puzzles, wherein the lost king awards you with his crown, and fades away into the ether. (it's quite dramatic having played it through =D)

and now I am on the final polishing step for the lost region, which is, the encounters with the lost prince.

The lost prince,...


Posted by EDI, 18 May 2005 · 37 views

So, last night while working on the lost region (which is becoming even more awesome, by the way.) I ran into a scripting issue.

In the past we've had some occasional 'phantom bugs' (The Phantom of the Script Code (where is ALW when you need him[grin])) in scripting, but most of them could be solved by realizing a syntax error in the code. Some,...

Completion of the light towers puzzle

Posted by EDI, 17 May 2005 · 87 views

yay, more polishing work =D

What game since Monkey Island 3, has given you the oppourtunity to have a skull as an inventory item, I ask you that! =D

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