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A Keyboard and the Truth

Whew =D

Posted by EDI, 22 June 2005 · 70 views

Morning Everyone =)

So, as of last night, the animated renderings of all the generic game enemies are done. Here is the final lineup:

War Wolf
Foot Soldier
War Mage
War Lord

(Lost Regionites)





Then comes the big guy =D

The dreaded...



Full Steam Ahead!

Posted by EDI, 20 June 2005 · 87 views

Well I am finally getting back up to speed on things.

The game enemies are almost all rendered (only one generic enemy left)

Zac has been placing the enemy spawners on the maps, and we have set a goal to get the rest of the characters done, and placed this week, which breaks down into this task list.

-Render Ashidian Warlord

Cycle Power. Boot.

Posted by EDI, 14 June 2005 · 38 views

Well then, after a long (a week?) hiatus I am back.

Why was I gone? To sum the previous entry, I was in a car accident as a passenger.

So, whatcha' been doin'?

Resting and thinking mostly, driving my new car from place to place, thinking a lot about MW, mainly where it is, how far it's come and where it is going.

we've lost about a week of work on...

ow, ow, ow, ow

Posted by EDI, 06 June 2005 · 71 views

Morning everyone,

I have a sad story to tell:

Bad Thing:
Last friday, the seal between my engine block and the cyclender head of my 1997 Toyota Camry LE, spung a leak, causing it to drip oil and smoke, and otherwise be undrivable.

Good Thing
Given that my camry is old and has plenty of problems, I decided to draw the line here, and get a new car. So I...

Yay more enemies =D

Posted by EDI, 03 June 2005 · 43 views

Got a new enemy, the Ashidian Elementalist: