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A Keyboard and the Truth

Yay more enemies =D

Posted by EDI, 03 June 2005 · 52 views

Got a new enemy, the Ashidian Elementalist:

More Fun

Posted by EDI, 02 June 2005 · 93 views

Tonight I will be adding the dialogue that Morning says, as she goes through the 15 steps of purifying the mana well.

The dialogue is meant to show Morning's progression into mana addition, and the associated darkness that brings. I feel the dialogue does it justice.

I was going to post it, but i think that is too much of a spoiler, especialy since it...

Another inspired masterpiece

Posted by EDI, 01 June 2005 · 56 views

in response to This Thread

I made this comic:

New Enemy

Posted by EDI, 01 June 2005 · 64 views

EDIT: By the way, today is my birthday, if anyone cares to know =)

I am now 22 =D

Finally getting around to animating and rendering out the enemy graphics (this should be a sign to everyone that the end is near =D)

Run Morning, Run! [grin]

Left, Left, Left Right Left

Posted by EDI, 31 May 2005 · 86 views

Greetings All,

Been a little while since my last update. Here is what we have acomplished since then.

The Blood System:

I recently added the blood system to MW, this now makes it so that when you damage somone they spatter blood onto the ground. The amount of spatter is relative to the severity of the damge you deal out, for instance.

you do 10...

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