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A Keyboard and the Truth

Full Steam Ahead!

Posted by , 20 June 2005 - - - - - - · 100 views

Well I am finally getting back up to speed on things.

The game enemies are almost all rendered (only one generic enemy left)

Zac has been placing the enemy spawners on the maps, and we have set a goal to get the rest of the characters done, and placed this week, which breaks down into this task list.

-Render Ashidian Warlord
-Design/Render Female Civilian
-Design/Render Male Civillian
-Render Haliphen(new model)
-Render Sophia(new model)
-Render Ardus(new model)
-Render Morning's Attack Sequences
-Render Rhajad Rhul(the end boss, zomg!)
-Map9 Spawner Placement
-Map7 Spawner Placement

Pretty light set of tasks, so it shouldnt be a problem =D

From there we have only Three Major Gameplay Tasks Left

In order:

*Post-Battle Great Hall (civilians, soldiers, etc.)
*The Final Battle (oooohhh!)
*The Aftermath(needs some polish, leads into credits)

And then, two fluff tasks:

*The Intro Video
*The Credits Video

From there we leave the Polishing Phase(zomg!) and enter into the testing phase, where loads of testers bombard MW,and small engine fixes and slight revisions will make the game into it's final glowing form =D

We have already chosen people who will be the beta testers this time, who tested last time (based on thier participation level), but we are going to add some new ones, so now is the time if you want to get on 'the list', post here =D


Cycle Power. Boot.

Posted by , 14 June 2005 - - - - - - · 50 views

Well then, after a long (a week?) hiatus I am back.

Why was I gone? To sum the previous entry, I was in a car accident as a passenger.

So, whatcha' been doin'?

Resting and thinking mostly, driving my new car from place to place, thinking a lot about MW, mainly where it is, how far it's come and where it is going.

we've lost about a week of work on the game, which isnt that bad, but it will set us back some.

Given that I knew I had to get back into the swing of things, (and didin't really want to (starting is so hard =D)) I decided to try somthing more fun for starters.

I am currently working on the MW Intro movie and the credits movie, and the company logo movie.

So far it is going well, I am preparing the music tracks for use, and storyboarding the intro.

The intro will introduce(heh, image that...) the player to the history of the Leowyn people (starting all the way back to the time of Garran Leowyn, and his escape from the eastern lands), through the finding of the mana well and the attack on castle Iridine, and finally to the (supposed) destruction of the Ashidian nation, and the Leowyn's fall into darkness and finally unenlightenment.

It will be portrayed via hand-drawn black and white frames, done by M.J. Chaput, and the dialogue will be 'floating text' much like we use in-game.

With luck I can give it some good magnitude and provide a nice smooth transition into the game.

ow, ow, ow, ow

Posted by , 06 June 2005 - - - - - - · 89 views

Morning everyone,

I have a sad story to tell:

Bad Thing:
Last friday, the seal between my engine block and the cyclender head of my 1997 Toyota Camry LE, spung a leak, causing it to drip oil and smoke, and otherwise be undrivable.

Good Thing
Given that my camry is old and has plenty of problems, I decided to draw the line here, and get a new car. So I went to the dealdership and bought a new 2005 Toyota Matrix XR =)

Bad Thing
So everything was going good, or so I thought. Yesterday, Sunday, my aunt called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Staples with her, I agreed, and off we went in her 2002 Toyota Camry LE, I got some new pens(I like pens), and she got some foam-core board she needed for a sign. We both decided that we should go for some soft serve before she brought me back to my apartment.

We were going westbound on route 9 about a mile from the Cooley-Dickenson bridge, trafic was heavy, 40 MPH.

So there we are driving and a car going eastbound, tries to pass in a no-passing zone, cant pull off his manuver because of the heavy traffic and smacks head on into us.

Our car got pushed back and spun into the eastbound lane, where it clipped a pathfinder, and eventualy came to rest, when the back wheels struck the curb.

Airbags deployed, crumple zones crumpled, dashboard was in pieces, everything did what it should, but it felt like hundreds of bee stings all over your body, from the impact shock.

We were rushed to the hospital via ambulence, and xrayed, and treated for cuts, burises, seatbelt 'burns', and etc.

I sustaned some nice bruising on my abdomen and chest, my right leg apparently got smashed, so most of the muscles in it are pulled, my left knee struck the cener console and was bleeding, and my neck has a nice gash from the seatbelt.

Passengers in the offending vehicle suffered similar injuries.

All in all I feel like a car hit me ([grin]), but I am alive and breathing, thanks to airbags and seatbelts.

I am going to be out of commision for a while, since moving is hard and im just kinda jostled.

Here was a picture i was planning to show on monday, so here it is:

Yay more enemies =D

Posted by , 03 June 2005 - - - - - - · 54 views

Got a new enemy, the Ashidian Elementalist:

More Fun

Posted by , 02 June 2005 - - - - - - · 96 views

Tonight I will be adding the dialogue that Morning says, as she goes through the 15 steps of purifying the mana well.

The dialogue is meant to show Morning's progression into mana addition, and the associated darkness that brings. I feel the dialogue does it justice.

I was going to post it, but i think that is too much of a spoiler, especialy since it seems most of the regulars who read my journal actually want to play MW when it is done.

We are still on scheduel, I just did a 'so what is left to do' sanity checklist, and the results are good, it comes down to about 22 tasks (which isnt much considering =D)

-The Company Intro
-The Game Intro
-The Tutorial(a game map with usage instruction)
-Refine Great Hall battle
-haliphen's elaboration on the evils of magic
-dialogue results of each purification showing morning sliping into mana dependancy/evil
-well purification elaboration(gotta be awesome)
-map7 spawners
-Refine the Tomb map
-Add spawners to map9
-map9 scripted battles?
-Add spawners to map10
-map10 scripted battles?
-map10 boss battle
-Great Hall rally to battle
-Final Battle intro (confrontation with Rhajad Ruhl)
-Final Battle wave1 (melee fighters)
-Final Battle wave2 (magic fighters)
-Final Battle wave3 (mixed + Rhajad Ruhl)
-The aftermath intro (narrative showing the evils of mana)
-The aftermath (mourning the dead, and decleration of counter attack)
-The credits

We are going to try and knock off most of this list before we hit the end of our first deadline (june 13th), if we can do that we are in good shape =)

Once these tasks are done, it is pretty much testing and quality assurance. there are a few other technical goodies i want to implement but they are extra, and might not happen.

Also, a little blast from the past!

Here is a very early screen shot of Morning's Wrath, Circa: March, 2003

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