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A Keyboard and the Truth

Decided this was worth diagraming

Posted by EDI, 29 April 2005 · 33 views

Somone needed help with the concept of, allowing functions to execute sequentially over real-time without blocking the rest of the game.

fun =)


Posted by EDI, 28 April 2005 · 43 views

So the last three days have been...interesting.

In my pursuit to get a save-game mechanisim working, I found that somthing I fixed a while ago (which was to actually making saving games easier) didn't quite work well.

The Scripting Engine:

our scripting engine allows for multiple scripts to be running at once (synched though). When one runs a...


Posted by EDI, 26 April 2005 · 36 views

So, what have I been doing lately? (I hear nobody in particular ask)

Well, mainly I have been at work(real work) working on the game I am developing for them. But in my free time (~6 hours each night Monday->Friday and most of the day Saturday and Sunday),
I have been working on Morning's Wrath.

(When is Morning's Wrath gonna be fricken...

Finally =D

Posted by EDI, 19 April 2005 · 35 views

After a long weekend of work,

all of morning's actions have been animated and rendered.

here is a shot of Morning's 'emotion sheet'

Research, blah.

Posted by EDI, 13 April 2005 · 33 views

Finally getting somewhere,

been doing research on how best to implement expressive motions into our primary characters.

The basic idea is to use an 'emotion' sheet, this sheet, contains 8 'emotions' each one frame long, and each with it's proper direction.

"one frame!?" I hear you say, well, we could animate everything but this would lead to...

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