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A Keyboard and the Truth

The perfect intro

Posted by , 30 June 2005 - - - - - - · 43 views

So finally after about 5 revisions(all of which didin't gel with me) I have the final Intro Document, which has all of the text needed for the intro.

IMO it is really good, but I am not going to spoil anyone with it. You will just have to wait till you get the full version of the game =D

Making sure everything is on track

Posted by , 28 June 2005 - - - - - - · 64 views

Finally decided to get a very concrete breakdown of our proposed payment flow on paper.

As you can see, primary gross payment is split into two (I get half, since I wrote the engine, did most of the shell programming, managed the team, did 90% of the in-game graphics, all of the 3D and 2D animation, and a good amount of scripting and designing)

All members except for jenna get two profit shares, Jenna gets one, because she was originaly designated to do the 3D character modeling/texturing and the animation and rendering, however, we found that she wouldnt have time to do the animating and rendering, so, we droped that from her tasks but at the cost of a share (it's is a really tough job animating and rendering, and was worth an extra share in my mind)

As you can see our target is 5,000 units sold at $30.00 per unit, hopefully we can make that, if so, it will be a great success, and will surely help fuel our next endevor, both psycologically and finacialy.

Here's hoping =D

Final Boss Model

Posted by , 27 June 2005 - - - - - - · 77 views

Here is the final iteration of the final boss.
He has alreay been animated and rendered (took 4 hours to render, gah)

In other news:
*map9 and 10 spawners are in
*redid Leowyn Royal Soldier
some characters still pending, hoping to knock them off this week.

planning this weekend to script the final battle with zac, if all goes well, testing could be as near as next week.

Final Boss: Iteration 1

Posted by , 23 June 2005 - - - - - - · 67 views

After a night of design and modeling, ive come up with the first iteration of the final boss, General of the Ashidian Army, Rhajad Ruhl.

He is esentially a beefy guy in some serious body armor =)

His weapons are those claws =D

The blue glow is from the mana feed on his back (armies need to bring mana with them if they attack somewhere), so he has plenty and as a result can bring on some serious spells =D

probably could do with some more texture details. particularly on the breastplate, im thinking some symbols would be nice =D

Comments please.

Whew =D

Posted by , 22 June 2005 - - - - - - · 95 views

Morning Everyone =)

So, as of last night, the animated renderings of all the generic game enemies are done. Here is the final lineup:

  • War Wolf

  • Foot Soldier

  • Berserker

  • Elementalist

  • War Mage

  • Legionnaire

  • War Lord

  • (Lost Regionites)
  • Zalmatern

  • Segmendrada

  • Kholsetan

  • Ghesathi

  • Warlock

  • Then comes the big guy =D

    The dreaded...


    I Have begun the design for the final boss, and from talks Zac and I had last night, we think he is gonna be rather cool =D

    More on that later =D

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