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A Keyboard and the Truth

Research, blah.

Posted by EDI, 13 April 2005 · 30 views

Finally getting somewhere,

been doing research on how best to implement expressive motions into our primary characters.

The basic idea is to use an 'emotion' sheet, this sheet, contains 8 'emotions' each one frame long, and each with it's proper direction.

"one frame!?" I hear you say, well, we could animate everything but this would lead to...

Animating Morning

Posted by EDI, 11 April 2005 · 29 views

I am doing her animation sequences, thus far I have:

Idle 12Frames
Walk 12Frames
Run 12Frames

I still need to add:
Neutral Talk 12Frames
Angry 4Frames
Sad 4Frames
Happy 4Frames

Die 12Frames

fun, lol.

fully textured =)

Posted by EDI, 08 April 2005 · 33 views

With some post-processing too =D

New hair model

Posted by EDI, 07 April 2005 · 29 views

Here is a revision of Morning's 'peace mode' model,
only big change is the hair, which is used on her armor model, I think it works better to keep a uniform hair style, since it helps to build character image better *shrug* =)

Larger Render

Posted by EDI, 07 April 2005 · 28 views

at Mushu's request, here is a larger render of Morning,
note that certain things are still untextured, work in progress and all that;-)

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