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A Keyboard and the Truth

In it goes!

Posted by EDI, 24 February 2005 · 37 views

In goes the great hall gate

Oh Bother =D

Posted by EDI, 23 February 2005 · 31 views

So, last night was filled with alot of additions to existing maps, to make them more interesting, and more 'filled out'.

Right now i am trying to think of all the different 'Magic Runes' that we should have for the game, here is what I have so far.

Class1 Spells:
Arc - A electrical web that streaks across the floor
Singe - A column of fire
Stone - A...

a lantern, with a crystal in the middle

Posted by EDI, 21 February 2005 · 74 views

here we find the lantern in it's natural habitat:

here we find us having the lantern in our possesion,
and thus, casting a cool light radius:

tada! *self applause* =)

new screeny shoty

Posted by EDI, 21 February 2005 · 37 views

yar. teh awesome. no?

And the stat bar come in the NIIIIIIGGGHHHTEE!!!!

Posted by EDI, 18 February 2005 · 59 views

behold! the final iteration of the long awaited

LIFE AND MANA BARS!!!!!11111one(3-2)

Cool Features:
-They indicate you're level of Life and Mana
-They can be moved anywhere
-They snap to screen edges and other windows
-Low Profile! (they dont take up the whole damn screen)
-They are finaly done! ;-)

so tell me how much you love them damnit!!!! =D



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