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A Keyboard and the Truth

MIA? AWOL? Hardly!

Posted by EDI, 22 March 2005 · 54 views

Greetings Everyone =)

So, as some of you know, the Morning's Wrath, Beta 1.1 was released last week to a few choice testers, and already the bugs and comments are pouring in. So as you can imagine I am on bug patrol =D

There are two major things that have stuck out as far as bugs and feature requests, and I knew they would come along sooner or later,...

Kinetic Spells!

Posted by EDI, 08 March 2005 · 25 views

So, last night I bit the preverbial bullet and began work on the kinetic spells.

I am 9 for 12 at the moment, so three more to do before I am done =)

01. Blast
02. Ring
03. Triple
04. Wave
05. Line
06. Implode
07. Flank
08. Engulf
10. Star

the remaining ones are
09. wedge
11. hash
12. quad-cone


Posted by EDI, 06 March 2005 · 42 views

so, here are some screen shots of using our new magic spells =)

keep in mind these are single (non compound) spells, utilizing a single kinetic rune (ring) and different magic runes. Just imagine the possibilities =D

(also note, i had lots of stuff running in the BG when i took these so it was running a little slow)


Posted by EDI, 04 March 2005 · 49 views

Will be meeting with Mark St. Jean (and company) of 'Wasted Ink' (an indie development team in MA) for dinner tonight, and to talk over a possible internship with EDIGames.

From what I have read it seems that Wasted Ink has been having some troubles, with management of thier team, so I assume that they would like some pointers on how best to manage a...

I...I...I don't know what to say.

Posted by EDI, 03 March 2005 · 66 views