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A Keyboard and the Truth

And Another...

Posted by EDI, 05 April 2005 · 63 views

The Undead Prince of the Lost Region(The lost prince):

And Another...

Posted by EDI, 05 April 2005 · 78 views

Yay, Morning, in armor(I think im gonna stick with this hair model/color for both models)

Jenna designed it from the box/concept art

Model 1 of many

Posted by EDI, 05 April 2005 · 74 views

Finaly getting around to doing game art rendering:

yay! =)


Posted by EDI, 04 April 2005 · 167 views

So, here I am,
On the doorstep of everything I have wanted for the past 8 years.

Back then I had big ideas and even bigger ambitions, and after years and years of work and determination, planning and learning. I find myself professionaly employed as a Game Developer(my dream), and the head of my own game development effort, on the threshold of our...

Dialogue Font

Posted by EDI, 25 March 2005 · 175 views

Here is the new and now current font that will be used for dialogue. It is verdana, with post proccessing for a slightly raised apperence and a character stroke.

The font is naturaly white, but it changes color through modulation depending on what character is speaking, at the moment Haliphen is speaking, so it is light blue.

And here is a...

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