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A Keyboard and the Truth


Posted by EDI, 07 February 2005 · 44 views

Greetings All,

So I finally got up off my haunches ;-) and finished the new changes to the graveyard...



I think it is a definite improvement over the previous one, but is still lacking somthing, there are some plans to add a very short 'pointy-tipped' fence around the perimiter during the pollishing phase.

So, in other news, the...

Interview Awesomeness

Posted by EDI, 04 February 2005 · 40 views

So tonight will be the first interview between 'CaffineAddict' and myself. The results of the interview will be posted on the 'news page' of www.MorningsWrath.com

If everything goes well this should become a weekly thing, which will hopefully generate some traffic to our site and start to create some MW Fever :-D

Friday! and the beast is unleashed!

Posted by EDI, 04 February 2005 · 38 views

Greetings all,

So yesterday I was pretty wiped out,(work was tough) so I didin't get as much done as I would have liked, so what did I get done you ask?


I finished the modeling and texturing of the new gravestones, however I haven't uploaded them yet, suffice it to say they are better than the existing ones. Tonight I will render them,...

Cold be heart and hand and bone and cold be sleep under stone

Posted by EDI, 03 February 2005 · 46 views

So for my next trick (alakazam and all that ;-D),
I will be doing a revamp of the lost region gravestones,
I am open to some design sugestions *nothing involving crosses though, since it would conflict with the game's religion* so if you've got some pictures to post *before 7pm tonight, I'll take a look at them.

here is what the graveyard currently looks...

oooh, purdy =D

Posted by EDI, 03 February 2005 · 49 views

morning all,

Last night I decided to finish things up with the crystals I mentioned, so here is the current result...

as you can see the crystals glow, and ingame thier glow varies by fading in and out, this gives a feeling of random 'twinking' i was very pleased when i tried it in-game, I also made some mushroom graphics, which i feel add lots more...

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