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The Curiously Recurring Gimlet Pattern

Lifelike, or the Joy of Killing Time via Breeding Little Squiggles

Posted by jwezorek, 14 October 2015 · 924 views
cellular automata and 3 more...
A couple of weeks ago I got interested in this project but wanted full control of the code, wanted to know exactly what it is doing, wanted a bunch of features like the ability to import and export CA rules, and wanted to have the process not be seeded by cellular automata already featuring gliders (which the web app seems to be). To this end I have pus...

draak update

Posted by jwezorek, 14 May 2015 · 937 views

Below is gameplay video of a prototype of the puzzle game “Draak” that I am working on. Draak will be an iPad-only iOS game; the prototype below is written to Windows in C# on top of MonoGame.


The initial idea for this game was about the art. I thought it would be cool to make a game that looks like an animated ver...

My Code for Doing Two Things That Sooner or Later You Will Want to do with Bezier Curves

Posted by jwezorek, 29 January 2015 · 2,067 views

I just added full cubic bezier curve support to the vector tessellation creation tool I am developing (see here ). I’ll include some video at a later date (Update: here ) showing this feature in action but first I want to document and make publicly available some of the code involved: namely, a bezier class in C# that supports two functions that are not t...

Untitled Escher Game Update

Posted by jwezorek, 24 December 2014 · 1,193 views

I’ve decided my “ untitled Escher game “, i.e. Zoop on a double logarithmic spiral, is going to be named “Draak”, which is the Dutch word for dragon. The title bears no relation to the game beyond the fact that I am going to use as its logo art based on the following novel tesselation of the plane that I discovered while fooling around with the tess...

An Application for Creating Novel Escher-like Tessellations of the Plane

  Posted by jwezorek, 16 November 2014 · 1,387 views

Over the past several weeks I have been investigating desktop applications for creating novel Escher-like tilings of the plane. Basically I’ve determined that none of what is publicly available is useful to me. The game I have in development will involve an animated Escher-like tessellation of a double logarithmic spiral — see here . The “logarithmic spir...

What I am working on…

  Posted by jwezorek, 17 October 2014 · 1,017 views

I’m working on a puzzle game for iPads that takes the mechanics of a somewhat obscure game from the 1990s(*) and puts them on a double logarithmic spiral.

The final app will be styled similar to one of M. C. Escher’s tessellations of the plane with the tessellation changing at level breaks. I don't have a name yet...

Gameplay will be like the foll...

Discretely Distributed Random Numbers in C#

  Posted by jwezorek, 02 October 2014 · 1,867 views

Random numbers generated from a discrete distribution are commonly needed in game development.

By "discrete distibution" we just mean the roll you get from something like an unfair die, e.g. you want a random number from 0 to 5 but you want 4 and 5 to be twice as likely as 0, 1, 2, or 3. If we think of each possible random value as having a weight, in th...

Cocos2d-x + Box2d Breakout Updated

  Posted by jwezorek, 16 August 2014 · 755 views

Cocos2d-x releases since version 3 have broken compatibility with old tutorials. This can especially be a problem when you want to do something slightly non-standard from the point-of-view of Cocos2d-x.

If you want to use physics in a Cocos2d-x game the current standard way to do this is to use the integrated physics classes, which are Chipmunk-based by...

Zzazzy 1.0.0

  Posted by jwezorek, 26 July 2014 · 1,372 views

My iPad game Zzazzy has made it through the review process and is now on the App Store: see here .
I will be updating the page I have for it here this week with more detailed instructions than what the app itself provides (There is a tutorial mode but it really just covers the basics), but basically it is an action puzzle game in which you lay tiles on a...

Snurtle and My Greatest Contribution to Mathematics, Such That It Was

  Posted by jwezorek, 15 February 2014 · 1,076 views
language design
This summer coming up will be 20 years since the summer after I graduated from college. I’m currently in that golden period in between software jobs — starting a new one in March — and, given the free time, have just done something which I have been meaning to do since that summer.
I generated the following image in a non-ad hoc manner, with re-useable so...