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Update 004 - Animation ... and some News

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 26 January 2015 · 0 views

The Alpha 004 update is up at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha as well on the Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, it was taken down from the Windows 8 Store because it isn't feature complete. Bummer. Additionally, this update has been up for a while, but my day job got in the way of doing anything for a while. Sooo.... first the animation, then the...

Update 003 - Pause and Menu

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 07 September 2014 · 130 views

The latest update is up at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha as well on the Windows Phone Store and Windows 8 Store. This is a small update. It deals with pause and menus.

The Pause function is from YouTube tutorial by Shaun Spalding The only difference is that instead of using global.pause, I have Control object that has the pause variable, thus Co...

Update 002 - Indoor and Outdoors

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 30 August 2014 · 295 views

The next update is up on http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha , Windows Phone, and now, Windows 8. This update deals with what I think is a crucial aspect in style for the game, going indoors and outdoors without control and/or visual interruption. In most games, let’s take Zelda as an example, when the Character goes Indoors or Outdoors, or basically ac...

Update 001 - Isometric Perspective

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 15 August 2014 · 260 views

The Next Update is live at the Windows Phone App Store and http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha . It simply draws everything in an Isometric Perspective. It additionally tweaks the directional input to offset the player direction by 45 degrees. Good news also arrived from Yoyo Games and M$ announcing a partnership which in addition to improving their...

Chronicle Destiny Live at the Windows Phone store

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 08 August 2014 · 381 views

Kind of. Its basically a blue circle that is controllable by a virtual joystick, and some red block on a green gird background using a top view perspective. It basically is a base for a Zelda game. The same game can be viewed at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha , save for keyboard controls instead of touch controls. But why publish, and charge $0.99...

Website is Functionally finished

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 14 April 2014 · 382 views

EDIT: By popular demand, I split it into paragraphs, and proofread it to. Will do the same for future posts.

GDC was an Awesome experience. It brought me hope that what I was doing was possible and worthwhile. Just seeing the one man show of "Papers, Please" take a lot of awards was motivational by itself, but also talking to the various booths at the ex...


Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 19 March 2014 · 225 views

I really could get time off this past two week to work on Chronicle Destiny. So, right now as I am standing, waiting for GDC Expo to start, I whip out something Quick. just replaced the generic playable character with the close to actual playable character. nothing else has changed. so just go to http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha/004/ and see who...

Chronicle Update 04

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 03 March 2014 · 318 views

Has it been a Year? or a Month? Nope. It has been a week http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png . Hope I can keep this up. But anyways, the latest update is up at http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha/002/ . not much, thou the point of posting as frequent as possible is to get as much feedback as early as possible, so...

Chronicle Update 02

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 24 February 2014 · 346 views

It's been a week, right? Since August of 2013? Well, best really, really, really late than never. alpha 002 is up at http://www.bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha/002/ I have dropped doing my site for now, and just work on Chronicle Destiny. Specially since I will be heading to GDC Expo at San Francisco this year. And I want something to show of to people I...

lets start this over, again

Posted by zBuLe, in Chronicle Destiny 30 August 2013 · 438 views

Well, bunch of things happened that didn't allow me to continue on my game. I think it is over now, I have I nice stable job flipping burgers now, so I can now use my spare time to continue my game. and other stuff happened that prevented me from using what I already had, being that XNA has been abandoned. none of M$ new platforms uses XNA, WP8 does use i...

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