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Digital Connation Objectives

Posted by Numenor, in Design Journal 24 October 2012 · 481 views

old zothar new empire of zothaar zothaar connation rpg digtial gaming rts mmorpg planning development dvd restructuring directives undaunted desert shield wall nanotun contingent megara adriana zothaar bow sea elves mystics maze master sun heroes megara archers arden
By Lord Teric

The Zothaar connation RPG is my new initiative. What is "The New Zothaar Directive?" Simply stated, Zothaar is the digitial enhancement of old Zothar, which was entirely designed and developed using manual artistic methods. This begins my entry into my Design Journal. The purpose of this journal is to explicate and provide examples on the development of the Empire of Zothaar (old Zothar), outline its digital gaming profiles, and demonstrate its programming codes. No doubt, the programming codes will be last on the list because I must setup with the necessary tools. My primary concern, at this point, is artwork.

Zothaar will also be an expansion of old Zothar. It will have larger territory with the Emperor's capitol city, but Aden is now a suburb, with the Empress' fortified city of Adriana nearby. Other basic topographical issues:

The large fortified city of Megara that protects the east and southeast approaches to the capitol city and Adriana has a Maze Master Overlord and a super-elite Nanotun Contingent of the Zothaar Army. Megara retains its archer complement that is armed with the Zothaar composite bow.

To the northeast in the high mountains and the end of the "Shield Wall" are the small provinces of the mystic tribes and the dwarves.

To the eastern seaboard of Zothaar is the large province of the magic users.

Directly south from the capitol city, at a very large distance, are several deserts, now separately titled and reconfigured from old Zothar's, "Undaunted Desert," but still populated by many nomadic tribes and their dervishes. The deserts are also the home territories for the Sun heroes and heroines--and their worshippers.

Farther south and west are the provinces of wood elves.

Southeast near the large island is the province of the high elves or sea elves, who farm one of Zothaar's largest crops of protein.

The New Empire of Zothaar is not only a digital and graphical "enrichment," meant to support and aggrandize traditional RPG and FRP dynamics using generic precedences and procedures, but also provides a base for its serial digital exploitation. The manner of this type of digital exploitation can be realized through the Empire of Zothaar's digital intensification, which includes a MMORPG, entitled MMORPG3, that underscores and up-values the complexity and largeness about this MMORPG. The complexity of MMORPG3 is signalled by its exponent. An inherent value of its exponential signification is the RTS-mode to conduct MMORPG3 battles in real time--and when participants are coordinated to finish their outcomes.

The Fantasy MMORPG3 is only the beginning. By extracting additional "slices" from Zothaar's map coordinate system, other "universes" that represent different technological periods of Zothaar growth and transcendence are engendered for participation.

The final Zothaar opus will be the quantification of its experiences learned from its MMOs translated into the RTS/RPG/FPS serial DVD market. The Empire of Zothaar is truly an enormous and prophetic undertaking!

Interesting read. Are you looking to get concept art within a few months?

Interesting read. Are you looking to get concept art within a few months?

Sorry Black-Rook for not getting to your query sooner. Thanks for reading my new directive associated to traditional and digital design.

Yes, I plan on concept art in the future, but this will cost several thousands of dollars. Actually, the first art will be sketches of characters for my MMORPG3, the actually title hasn't been decided. Whatever sketches are accepted will proceed to full-color renditions, after which will start the sketches of the phases of buildings and other structures. Of course, this will increase in overall costs, but there is no continuation until all necessary artwork is approved of.

The Connation of Zothaar for reference and RPG will be handled and designed/developed differently. Whereas the MMORPG3 will be full 3D, the reference to the connation, the Empire of Zothaar, will be created using Profantasy's software, which includes Campaign Cartographer, City Designer, and Dungeon Designer. This you might understand as 2D pictorials with maybe a some 3D perspectives. Well, anyhow, with a great (and fast) printer, say a laser printer, and on bright paper, will allow me to design elements, including the lost galleries, for a full prospectus of digital artwork design for the reference and RPG. Larger items can be reduced in size, of course, but printing the entire map of the Empire of Zothaar, although not an impossibility, will not be practical, so that will only be viewable when typeset for printing with ink in large format.

To reaffirm your question: The actually answer is "NO." At this time, it will take me years to start on the sketches simply because I will hire artist to complete them.

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