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Saturday Dev Update 3

Posted by toddbluhm, in Demergo Studios, Fixbot 03 March 2012 · 504 views

deadline demergo studios fixbot update status level editor movement multiple devices saturday update tiles tile engine

Post by Dan, Programming Director at Demergo,

It's been a crazy week here at Demergo, and we've gotten a lot done!

This week we've implemented a new tile engine, as well as reworking the level editor to handle it. While the programmers were getting the tile part of the engine working and optimized, Zak was designing the levels with tiles in mind and the artists were creating the tiles that we'll be using. We've also managed to get the game working across all of our target devices, as well as clean up a lot of the bugs with the movement code.

We're looking forward to next week, when we'll be starting to build the final versions of the levels! There is a lot more to do, and our deadline is getting closer - but we're making tons of progress and having even more fun!

Keep an eye on the gallery, because we'll be posting some screenshots from the tiled levels soon!

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