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Archer Alec - IndieGame Devlog 1

Posted by , 23 April 2012 · 1,103 views

Well this is my first entry of the Journal, so here is a little rundown of what Archer Alec is.
Archer Alec is semi rougelike semi platformer type of game.
The game is based around Alec running through various levels killing all kinds of creatures for points once all monsters in the level are cleared the player will run to the edge of the level and onto the next one. Each level is procedurally generated along with the monsters that will inhabit them.

Also I have a YoutubeChannel and a Tumblr where I will be posting updates frequently.
The game is definitely in pre alpha at the moment.
I will be working on re implementing sounds back into the game soon aswell.
​Feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Welcome to the journals! The game sounds and looks fun. Is it for Windows or some other platform?
Thanks :D
Currently only windows, I will be working on making it available for other platforms later though.

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