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Lotuz - Life with indie games

A simpler style

Posted by Arthur Souza, 12 March 2013 · 692 views
cartoonish, cartoon, lotus, xna and 3 more...
A simpler style Hey guys! How long has it been since I dropped something here, right?We have decided some time ago to follow a more cartoonish style to our art, since this way we could exaggerate some things that wouldn't match a realistic style.What do you guys think about this cartoonish concept art for our tribal hunter? This is not the final form, since the character...

Animations and Changing Art Style

Posted by Arthur Souza, 20 December 2012 · 739 views
art, lotus, concept, animation and 1 more...
Game Art

Hey guys! We have been working with 3d artist William Hennes on the character animations and I'm here to show you guys some simple animations of the tribal hunter.

Posted Image Posted Image

But at the same time we...

Now on IndieDB

Posted by Arthur Souza, 04 December 2012 · 463 views

Just a small message to you guys:

Now you guys can follow the project on IndieDB! This will be a small boost to the visibility of the game.


Hopefully this can be another step for us to move forward!

Rhamka Tribal Warrior - Inicial Sketches

Posted by Arthur Souza, 04 December 2012 · 1,100 views
lotus, tribal, rhamka and 2 more...
Rhamka Tribal Warrior - Inicial Sketches The Rhamka is a civilization that lives on open lands with very few resources. They are slightly based on african tribes.

Due to the lack of resources, technology didn't manage to develop a lot on this region, but science and knowledge of how the universe works are just as advanced as on ancient egypt. The tribal hunter will be the most resistant and...


Posted by Arthur Souza, 23 November 2012 · 813 views

Bard The bard concept is advancing, this is one of the last tests, with some colors, soon you guys will see the full concept.

I have started to discuss the character sprite style and bard concept with William Hennes, and hopefully will have something to show you guys soon.

I'm also working on the game...

Concept Art Sketches

Posted by Arthur Souza, 14 November 2012 · 930 views
art, lotus, concept art, sketches and 1 more...
The amazing Seta [http://lastdove.daportfolio.com/] is our Concept Artist. She is currently working on Dio, the bard. These are a few sketches of different interpretations of who is Dio.

Dio is a bard from the lands of Ternes.

The Ternesians are great warriors,...

Artistic Style

Posted by Arthur Souza, 07 November 2012 · 1,292 views
rpg, art, xna, style, graphics and 1 more...
What to expect from the graphics of Lotus?

We want to provide an experience that is complemented by the game art. I believe that there is a feeling on 2D art that pulls the gamer inside the game world. There are several games that we look up to as inspiration regarding this feeling that the art gives you, and we will post some of them here...

Engine Test - Small Update

Posted by Arthur Souza, 02 November 2012 · 1,281 views

Engine Test - Small Update If you downloaded the engine test from the last post, please, drop me some feedback! I will greatly appreciate every moment you spend playing it, hahahaha.

If you still haven't downloaded it, you can get it through mediafire, here:


If you already have...

Engine Test - Download

Posted by Arthur Souza, 30 October 2012 · 1,036 views

Engine Test - Download Hey guys!

So I setup a download link for the small engine test I made up.

The translation is not complete yet, you guys will see some things in portuguese.

I would love to hear some feedback on controls and how things work. Remember, this is an engine test, not an actual well thought game, hahaha!

You can download the zipped version here: (53mb)...

Huge mess on source control

Posted by Arthur Souza, 30 October 2012 · 563 views

Hey guys,
I made a quick workaround translation today by manually translating some of the content, like monster and item names on the database, but had an actual duo language feature regarding ingame images, menu text and that kind of stuff. I didn't test it hard, but I actually setup a download link today to see if anyone wants to check it out. It will...