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Brazuca Update 3

Posted by , 08 July 2013 - - - - - - · 762 views

SOOOO... I have a goalkeeper that will be just going after the ball like crazy when it is close enough, some players scattered around the field that don't do anything yet, and currently working on the game simulation!
The matches will last around 60 seconds. And the game will simulate what happens, when your team or the opposing team does something, and this will also decide when you have chances of trying to shoot or pass the ball around. These will have fixed chances of happening for now, but during the day I hope to change that to be according to how much your team trusts you, how good you are, how good your team is and how good the opposing team is. For now I won't leave you guys with a screenshot, but tonight I'm almost 100% that I'll post something downloadable here!

This has been fun, but now I have a really crappy headache.

See you guys.

Brazuca Update

Posted by , 07 July 2013 - - - - - - · 779 views

I put a little more work today on the soccer simulator I'm working on this 48 hour period. I have not reached the 24h mark yet, and I will start to work on players now!

The first added player will be the goal keeper, and he will just react to kicks and try to get the ball away.

What I have so far:
Kick the ball, add force and a direction
Kick the ball (2) define exactly what part of the ball to hit
Ball kicked -> The ball will go up in the air, high or not so high, depending on where you kicked, will spin and get some effects on the air.
The ball may go above the goal, as I'm now considering height, which will also help with allowing oponents to head it away.

It still looks like crap, and that part I wont really worry about until its done. Just want to finish it. :P

Attached Image

Attached Image

Working on it - Brazuca

Posted by , 07 July 2013 - - - - - - · 937 views

I have been working on the mini soccer game I mentioned on the last post. So far we get 2 different screens. You have the ball placed on the field, and you set the power and general direction you will kick in. Then you get a closer look at the ball, and you click on exactly where you mean to hit the ball, to add a spin to it. Then the game switches back to the general view and the ball goes on until it leaves the field or stops moving.

Now what I'm trying to work on is to get the ball to look like its high in the air. I'm not sure about how im going to do that, because I can't have the ball higher and end up messing the detection on wether it has left the field or entered the goal! Also, that will be important as I have to be able to pass the ball above other players so they can't head it.

Attached Image Attached Image

Making Boredom Useful - 48h mini game jam

Posted by , 06 July 2013 - - - - - - · 742 views

Hey guys, this is the kind of idea thats good to have on a friday night when you're not going out. I have decided to create a small game on the next 48 hours.

It will be a soccer simulator called Brazuca 2013, and I WILL release whatever is created after these 48 hours.

This is a small fun project, as I have been spending all my time on the development of Lotus, but the last couple of days have been of pure stress due to computer issues, so, to release this stress, and since I'm home for the weekend, nothing better than a game dev marathon!

I will be back soon to give you guys some updates. Wish me luck. Posted Image

This road seems too long and too dark

Posted by , 31 May 2013 - - - - - - · 909 views
indie, project
Attached Image

Working on an indie project is a combination of really powerfull emotions.

I have been developing web applications professionally for the last 4 years. I'm 23, and graduated from college at 21, so I was working in college. In my last job, I didn't have much work to do, and it got boring fast. I spent most of my last months of employment wondering how good would it be to be sent home, got paid, and being able to work full time on my game for a few months.

Well, that happened 1 month ago. I was sent home and moved back with my parents to reduce my costs. With some money in the bank to live and invest in my game, and free time, I thought that this was my chance.

The project of Lotus started in 2008, when I was chatting with 2 friends I had known for the last 8 years and we decided to make this game. I was the only one that knew any programming and that knew how to actually create games. But I still had a really long way to go.

Cutting to nowadays, I have some experience, and have created an engine with my own hands, with several cool tools I can use, I have some money to fund the game and free time to invest.

But sometimes I do not feel like it can be done. Because I'm with this project for the last 5 years, and only on the last 2 years it actually became a real job. The problem, I see, and don't take me the wrong way, is that I have taken upon myself a big project, and teamed with 2 friends that couldn't actually contribute to the project in anyways other than having ideas. It's not their fault, the skillset is just missing, we can brainstorm stuff, they can help me solve conceptual issues, but I have to actually do the work. And it's hard.

I write stories, create names, draw maps, think about geography, politics, character interaction, character personality, work on the engine, contact artists, think about how to spend this money wisely, study game design, study what went right with other indie projects, what went wrong with other indie projects, but on the end of the day, things just get really depressing.

Its a really dark place out there when you have something you are really passionate about, and you feel like you have to walk that path by yourself.

A simpler style

Posted by , 12 March 2013 - - - - - - · 987 views
cartoonish, cartoon, lotus, xna and 3 more...
A simpler style Hey guys! How long has it been since I dropped something here, right?

We have decided some time ago to follow a more cartoonish style to our art, since this way we could exaggerate some things that wouldn't match a realistic style.

What do you guys think about this cartoonish concept art for our tribal hunter? This is not the final form, since the character seems way younger on this concept and we will keep working on this.

Coming soon!
  • Reworked bard concept.
  • Tribal hunter animations.

Animations and Changing Art Style

Posted by , 20 December 2012 - - - - - - · 903 views
art, lotus, concept, animation and 1 more...
Game Art

Hey guys! We have been working with 3d artist William Hennes on the character animations and I'm here to show you guys some simple animations of the tribal hunter.

Posted Image Posted Image

But at the same time we decided to change the art style direction to something more cartoonish, to add some fun visual elements, because everything seemed a little closer to the realistic side.

Anyways, sharing some animations so you guys will get a feel of the quality of the work we're trying to put on this project, hope to be able to bring something new to you guys soon!


I would also like to hear about what are you guys interested in hearing about? Suggestions for posts, please!

Now on IndieDB

Posted by , 04 December 2012 - - - - - - · 672 views

Just a small message to you guys:

Now you guys can follow the project on IndieDB! This will be a small boost to the visibility of the game.


Hopefully this can be another step for us to move forward!

Rhamka Tribal Warrior - Inicial Sketches

Posted by , 04 December 2012 - - - - - - · 1,522 views
lotus, tribal, rhamka and 2 more...
Rhamka Tribal Warrior - Inicial Sketches The Rhamka is a civilization that lives on open lands with very few resources. They are slightly based on african tribes.

Due to the lack of resources, technology didn't manage to develop a lot on this region, but science and knowledge of how the universe works are just as advanced as on ancient egypt. The tribal hunter will be the most resistant and physically powerful character on the game. Even without wearing any armor, they are tall, strong, agile and wise. This is a brief description:

The Tribal is a symbol of wild power. Skillful hunters, they grow up fighting the worlds most feared creatures. They are on the top of the food chain, and you can see it.

Carrying on their bodies marks that represent their abilities, the war paitings can distinguish mere mortals from savanna legends. A wise and experienced warrior will use the paintings on his body to bring to battle the power of wild creatures. The spear is their main weapon, with battle knifes always ready when a clean cut is needed.

Tribal hunters don't use any sort of armor. They are proud to show their scars, proof of the rough life of a savanna warrior.


Posted by , 23 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,122 views

Bard The bard concept is advancing, this is one of the last tests, with some colors, soon you guys will see the full concept.

I have started to discuss the character sprite style and bard concept with William Hennes, and hopefully will have something to show you guys soon.

I'm also working on the game title. Since Lotus is not something that by itself I'll be able to register, I'm thinking about something of a subtitle.

The first thing that popped to my mind was: "Lotus: The will of the gods", and it matches the lore, as the game is basically about faith and looking for meaning in life, through the eyes of several characters. Well, we will see how this turns out!

Stay tuned!

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