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The Beginning - Presentations

Posted by Arthur Souza, 31 May 2012 · 860 views

presentation lotus xna rpg
Hello guys, and welcome to my journal.

I have been feeling a little away from the Indie Development community, so I decided to bring my blog here, and share a little of my path with the GameDev.net community. Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading through my experiences.

First of all, my name is Arthur, and I'm a developer from Brazil, just finished a 3 year degree on information systems and have worked professionally with software development for the last 3 years. I love games, music and programming.

The game you'll see in development here is called Lotus.

Lotus is an Action RPG, designed by myself and two friends, Vitor and Marco, which will eventually be presented here. This game was inspired by our adventures in oldschool rpgs and adventure games, and a little bit by the current generation of action rpgs.

We have just created the english version of our development blog, which currently is only composed of our last videos, but future entries will be posted in all 3 blogs:

English: en.lotusrpg.com.br
Or in Portuguese: lotusrpg.com.br

That is it for now. Next updates will bring some of the videos showing the current progress of our project.

See you around!

Welcome! Sounds like an interesting project, looking forward to future posts.