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We have 4 x Pro Licences (valued at $59 each) for 2d modular animation software Spriter to give away in this Thursday's GDNet Direct email newsletter.

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miicchhii's Journal

jPong - First Release

Posted by miicchhii, 12 December 2012 · 587 views

jPong - First Release I just released the first Version of jPong, a Ping-Pong Game written in Java using AWT.
It has very simple Graphics and is more for practise in Java than anything else.

Here's the Link: http://www.langeder....ss/games/jpong/

I will add networking/multiplayer function and threads in later...

"Castles" Version 0.4 released

Posted by miicchhii, 21 August 2012 · 643 views
castles, sdl, free, download, c++
"Castles" Version 0.4 released This is the fourth beta release of Castles.
In Version 0.3 it would just close when a castle was destroyed,
now you can see the result of the Game at its end.

Additionally i improved the AI, because it was a bit too easy to beat.

You can download it here for free:


More informations can be found on the...

"Castles" is free for download

Posted by miicchhii, 31 July 2012 · 836 views
SDL, 2d, castles, cpp, dev diary and 2 more...
"Castles" is free for download Its a small game i wrote with C++ and SDL.

Here's the Link: http://www.langeder....ordpress/?p=152 for download and pictures.

Its basically 2 castles, yours and your enemies.
The Goal is to destroy enemies castle.
You can upgrade your weapons, to do more damage,
Upgrade your farms to gain more...

Space Shooter 2 is free for download

Posted by miicchhii, 20 July 2012 · 745 views
free download, 2d game, space
Space Shooter 2 is free for download Here is the Link: http://www.langeder....wordpress/?p=71

Its still in development and not finished yet, i will put updates on my website and to this Journal.

Linux 32 and 64 bit downloads.

All graphics were done by myself.

Start from Terminal to see Highscore (not finished yet) ;D

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