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RuinValor - Birth of Talos

Return to work!

Posted by riuthamus, 11 August 2014 · 475 views
I apologize for not posting sooner. I was on the open ocean for the past 2 months. I am now home and ready to share what I have been working on.


RuinValor: Buildings

Posted by riuthamus, 31 May 2014 · 393 views
This week I am on leave so the art that is being produced, for all my projects (DSM, All8, and RuinValor) should see some work. Tonights task was getting the castle gate fleshed out. Size, shape, and general concept were the goal and I feel that I hit all of those. I need to revamp the texture and make it more detailed in many ares but I think the current...

Return of the Dodo's: Video

Posted by riuthamus, 25 May 2014 · 482 views
Return of the Dodos, RoTD, Indie and 3 more...
Just something we had time to work on this week! Figured I would show you guys the progress and see what you thought! Most of the art is still rough so please dont be too harsh! :P


Additions and changes

Posted by riuthamus, 11 May 2014 · 452 views
Been busy for the past few days this week. Most of it was non RuinValor related. The things I was able to accomplish are posted here with a nice screenshot!


I think the warpaint adds a nice touch and really makes the model stand out. We will have several different vari...

RuinValor on Greenlight

Posted by riuthamus, 18 April 2014 · 970 views


RuinValor is role playing game with skill based combat system and powerful customization options. The primary platform will be PC (and Linux assuming kickstarter stretchgoals are reached). The focus of our game is creation, town progression, customization, modability, and the choice by both...

Game Update #8

Posted by riuthamus, 11 April 2014 · 558 views


It has been a while since this blog has been updated and we are very sorry about that. Some of you might have heard but I was deployed (I am in the US Navy) for a few months and while gone had less than desirable internet. Although not much has been done to this blog plen...

Gorgane, one last time

Posted by riuthamus, 09 April 2014 · 489 views
Pretty sure this is my last correction to the gorgane! I think it turned out well so far, what do you think?


RuinValor - Character Rework ( Hopefully Final )

Posted by riuthamus, 15 March 2014 · 581 views
So, its been a while since I posted. Mostly this is due to me being on the big blue ocean ( in the navy! ). Since my return home I have started work on our finilization of all art assets. Most of the code we need is in place and we are ready to move forward with kickstarter. Over the course of the next week or so I should be pumping out art like its nobod...

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