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Posted by RetroIP, in General 24 February 2013 · 496 views

architecture projectnn pnn entity gameobject world grid
Engine is starting to bring its apport in form of scalability and modularity. Basic overview of world architecture:
Attached Image
World will be core handler for all child objects like a gameObjects, Weather system and Maps. World consist of maximum 32x32 map grids. Shortly, map can be added or removed during running world at any time without any performance disruption. Map has dimensions about 4096x4096 meters, where origin is starting at 0,0. I'll use just coords from 0,0 to 4096,4096. Every map will have its own weather controller which will be also controlled from global weather controller (GWC). GWC will try to do "fluid" weather flow across other maps, as I tried to describe in my previous post.
Attached Image

Types of gameObjects.

World will handle gameObjects or Entity (in previous versions), which can be as type of:
Visual - Just some stationary model of something
Item - Equipment (helm,chest...), Water source, Food source
Building - Tent, house, tower
Light - Source of visibility in game with dynamic position
Nature - Tree, bushes, etc ...
Creature - Most complex and intersting type with "the Brain". It includes Humans, Insects, Undeads, and other different types of Creatures.

Attached Image

That's for now, I'v already implemented combat part of each creature, which I introduce on my next post.

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