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Orange Chair Software Development

Getting Lost Keeping the Lights on

Posted by Navyman, in Business / Marketing 09 July 2014 · 256 views

There comes a time, for some more than once, when a single developer or small team looks at their financing and the decision to continue working or increase the available funds must be answered. The last 7 months have been such a time for me. My last post for this journal was early December, after which the assault of the holidays limited productions and...

Portas Aurora: Battleline - Card Count After First Balance

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 10 December 2013 · 330 views
Portas Aurora, Battleline
This will be a short update, I wanted to make it on Friday, but some of the fixes from the previous post had not been completed. Additionally, this weekend I have began to writing the Android app version of the game. I think the work I have done with build the Android app version is perfect for a post to see if other developers can share some insight on h...

Portas Aurora: Battleline - First Balancing

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 03 December 2013 · 375 views
Portas Aurora, Battleline
Second time writing this post so I hope to cover all of the original powers, (power outage).
The first play test brought a fair number of questions up in the hour after it concluded. Interestingly a day later even more questions have popped up and after a meeting of the minds, a small group of friends I like to bounce ideas around, a few sweeping changes...

Portas Aurora: Battleline - First Play Test

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 29 November 2013 · 264 views

Originally I had planned to write a post walking through the rule set of Portas Aurora: Battleline. However, after the first real play-thru I came to the conclusion that the rules need some re-balancing before they can be posted. While a few play tests should not be the ending word on some points in the game to not review them would only mean less fun for...

Portas Aurora: Battleline - Races Explained

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 28 November 2013 · 276 views

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
The Races in Portas Aurora: Battleline do not have names of this post. This is mostly due to a personal need to ensure that the races I select from the written lore line up with the game well. I have set the deadline of Dec. 6th to have the rough list complete and if there is additional required back story for a race...

Portas Aurora: Battleline - Mechanic Terms Explained

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 27 November 2013 · 442 views
Portas Aurora, Battleline, CCG and 1 more...
As with any system there are keywords that allow more complex ideas or actions to be expressed. The following is a list of the terms for mechanics used in Portas Aurora: Battleline so far:

Active Defense: At the end of your turn repair 1 durability of this unit.
Auxiliary Power: Adds extra damage to Maneuvers that deal damage.
Charge: Can Attack on Fi...

Portas Aurora: Battleline - Card Types Explained

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 26 November 2013 · 292 views
Portas Aurora, Battleline and 3 more...
This week I will be delivering a series of posts detailing the development of Portas Aurora: Battleline up to this point. Some data may change and I will do my best to update all entries with new information. So without further delay, here are the current Card types.

As with most Collectable Card Games there are a variety of card types to be learned, and...

Announcing Portas Aurora: Battleline

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Battleline 25 November 2013 · 310 views
Portas Aurora, Battleline, Space and 4 more...
Portas Aurora: Battleline - A Collectable Card Game centered on space combat.

Battles in PA: Battleline will currently be between 2 Players, each fielding their selected Commander along with 30 card decks containing no more than 2 of any card. The main objective is to destroy the opponent's Flagship. At present there are 7 races each with 1 commander pr...

Death by 1000 Toothpicks

Posted by Navyman, in Business / Marketing, Portas Aurora: Battleline 23 November 2013 · 351 views

Hello GameDev.net,

After a 3 month break from this site and mostly all game development I have forced myself to return. I commented in my last Journal post, the one before I left, I had been "slammed by the normal things that derail developers," when I made that statement I thought the worst of the misdirection waves were behind me. However, the fact tha...

3 Week Recap

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora 01 August 2013 · 559 views
Portas, Aurora, EVE ONLINE, POS and 4 more...
While I was slated to post an entry covering the Economic Simulation within Portas Aurora three weeks ago, I have been slammed by the normal things that derail developers. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
I am now finalizing an entry detailing the Economic Micro Sim. This particular micro sim was more complex then orig...