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Brief History of Development

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora: Arrival 13 September 2012 · 814 views

Brief Development History:
  • Aug. 2011 - The story behind Portas Aurora: Arrival is begun
  • Oct. 2011 - The current Engine 1.0 is written
  • Nov. 2011 - I built a space trader-like game that had players moving around doing the normal space trading actions, but it was fair to okay at best.
  • Dec. 2011 - An Avatar section was added to the space trader-like game.
  • Feb. 2012 - I started to build the combat section of the game. It was fun up to and sometimes including when the Ai would cheat and use map objects to kill my ships.
  • Apr. 2012 - I realized that these 3 elements could be merged together with a little work and using the story I had been writing as the cement. The story really requires all of the sections to be deep. In Civ players are teased with the option of peaceful victory it really only makes up about 10% of gameplay options. For the story to be believable the game would need close to a 50% split in its combat vs other.
  • May 2012 - Finished a rough Design Document and began generating a prototype with all 3 elements rolled into a highly immerse game.
  • Jul. 2012 - Working prototype.
  • Aug. 2012 - Launched Kickstarter Project.
A few people had asked about what lead up to the create game state and after thinking about it, it made sense to include a small section about the game's evolution. If there is additional information you would like please comment or message me.
Thank you.

EDIT: Fixed a date issue and added the most recent material.

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