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3 Week Recap

Posted by Navyman, in Portas Aurora 01 August 2013 · 564 views

Portas Aurora EVE ONLINE POS Economic Micro Sim 4X MUD
While I was slated to post an entry covering the Economic Simulation within Portas Aurora three weeks ago, I have been slammed by the normal things that derail developers. Posted Image
I am now finalizing an entry detailing the Economic Micro Sim. This particular micro sim was more complex then originally envisioned mostly due to a desire to include information not stored, but generated by other micro sims. I will expand on this in the actual post.

A note from a previous entry about Vblogs I believe going forward with this would be a good idea both due to the posted reasons and the idea that the Vblog would require me to create content on a more schedule cycle.

Furthermore, I have been modifying one of the micro sim for Portas Aurora to handle POS installation management of Eve Online. It have tested some of the extreme features that I had planned, but required a few days to learn how to use the Eve Online API. I am a huge SciFi fan and I enjoy Eve Online and thought that a tool like this could aid in making a POS more profitable and allow corpations to pool their collective skills more effectively. If anyone is interested in seeing it I will be opening it up for more public testing early next week. If it is popular I will add a minor journal section to cover its development. Additionally, if people have advise for working with the Eve Online API I am all ears. :)



 I have been slammed by the normal things that derail developers. smile.png


I truly understand this statement.

What will your economic simulation try to simulate? Will you limit it to a more supply/demand price of goods system or will you also incorporate things like labor cost and such?

I will be going into more detail once I post the outline for the micro sims, but the idea is to focus on local planet and solar system economy and another sim that looks at the overall empire's economy.