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The life of a Unity Developer

Planning for the Future

Posted by dtg108, 11 January 2013 · 686 views
unique, storyline, rapture, idea and 1 more...
Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello, and we haven't done an update for a while. We have a new gun ready for you, as well as our character controller. You can try out the controller here: http://dl.dropbox.co...WebPlayer.htmlI t's a bit glitchy because while the controller is almost done, zombie AI is still in there, and it's a WIP. Also,...

Did I hear playable BETA?!

Posted by dtg108, 07 January 2013 · 594 views
beta, zombie, survival, simulator
Hey guys, we have some exciting news. Not Dead Enough, our ambitous open world zombie apocalypse simulator, will have a playable BETA in early march! We hope to have the Beta ready by February 28th, then we'll release it soon after! This has been a very exciting educational experience for us, and we can't wait for you to be able to try it out, too! The ga...

Game Design Document- Getting work done

Posted by dtg108, 04 January 2013 · 660 views

Yes. We're alive. And our game is still in production. Not Dead Enough, our ambitious zombie apocalypse simulator, is still in production. If you don't know about it, read it and all of it's updates here (we post here more than the dev journal): http://forum.unity3d...tion!http://...