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Day 30 – [SinC] – Cube

Posted by Alex.SilR, in General, SinC 07 November 2012 · 301 views

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I finished watching the tutorial Creating a Sci-Fi Panel. It was time consuming and difficult to follow, because I did not know to use photoshop. I ended up not liking the result in Unity and decided to start again (and make a slightly different model).

First model following the tutorial.

Posted Image

The second model was better than the first, but still not good. The idea was to use the lights of the edges to indicate the color of the cube and the middle one to indicate if the cube is with, gravity, without gravity or gravity inverted. But inside the Unity was bad to see the lights from afar.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Tomorrow I will change the color of the lights in the texture, to see if it improves, if not help, I will change the color of texture of the cube itself.

PS: Sorry for the bad english.

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