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Help us out with crowdfunding!

Posted by bladderbloat, 01 July 2013 · 708 views


So we tried working on this game on our spare time, but as the game got bigger and more advanced and my dayjob stuffing more and more overtime on me, we couldn't give it the passion and love it deservers.. So we turned to crowdfunding to see if it's possible for two really independent game developers to fullfill their dream and start working fulltime on their baby.

So, heres our campaing! Check it out, and contribute if you can! Whatever help means alot to us Posted Image

Lots of love!

It is the natural progression of a hobby game development to either get its slow pace or finding the funding to make the game's development full time. I will be checking out your crowdfunding.

Awesome, thanks for watching! :)

Have you posted something on this site's Forum Announcement section? It could give you a small boost in views and if you keep it updated like the Void Destoryer guys you can generation more traffic.


Hope this idea helps.

Hey I never thought of that! Will do! Thanks for the tip.