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Dialogue System, HUD, new Items and Skills etc! :)

Posted by rhnz, 02 December 2012 · 469 views

So, I am back Posted Image
Frozzen is still progressing like it should, here is a new video with the new dialogue system in place and some other minor improvements. I am now using the Browserquest Tiles (https://github.com/m...la/BrowserQuest) for the environment and will now officially look for an artist. So if you are an artist seeing this because of my adverts, hello! Screenshot here:

Posted Image

I also made a brand new Video, showing the first turns of a level... Zombies attack the party on the street Posted Image:

I am most excited about the new possibilitys to react to the equiping and unequeping of items, here used to give the entity some skill oder remove a status effect. That possibility made it necessary to punish switching equipment with Action Points, but that is only realistic. I hope to be able to create a good working two level game using the code until 01.01.2013 when I start my full time position working in Cologne. If you are from cologne, germany and would like to say hi, send me a message ;).

Concept Art
It was very hard for me to find any form of concept Art to use with the dialogue, especially darker themed ones. Thanks to Raymond E Gaustadnes and his work I am able to show some nice pictures in the dialogue. The Image used is "Watchmen":

Raymond on Deviantart: http://shockbolt.deviantart.com/

Posted Image

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