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Ground Up: A Journal Of An Engine

Writing a custom allocator that maintains smart pointers for STL containers (or at least std::vector)

Posted by irreversible, 25 December 2015 · 1,185 views

I bumped into this problem when I decided to switch from my own lightweight vector container to std::vector, but wanted to have my usual amount of control over memory. My memory manager is a fairly simple conservative page-based allocator that assumes control over block lifespan via smart pointers. However, storing this data within the allocator for use...

Handling a rigid actor carried by the player in PhysX

Posted by irreversible, 22 November 2015 · 1,000 views

This took me a bunch of time for a number of reasons - I'm still very new to PhysX, there were a number of issues that sidetracked me and coming up with a reproducible test scenario is actually a lot harder than it may seem at first glance. The number one problem that I faced, however, was a lack of information, which, combined with a couple of rash misre...