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Electronic Meteor

Loading voxel models into the game

Posted by CC Ricers, 30 January 2015 · 0 views
voxels, 3d modeling
I didn't get as much time as I wanted to work on my game this week. Spent too much time with Skyrim (coming very late to the game, but nonetheless). Still there are some new updates to show. First I have re-opened my Twitter account for game dev related stuff, so follow me there. Also, I am now able to load models created with the MagicaVoxel editor , wh...


Adding Biomes and Rivers

Posted by CC Ricers, 20 January 2015 · 0 views
procedural generation
This week I have been working on adding more natural features- rivers and biomes (or at least the start of it). As part of making the world more varied and less same-y, I decided it's a good time to add bodies of water! I thought about oceans but I wasn't sure yet on how to modify the height on a large scale. I want to support negative height values for u...

Day/Night Cycle

Posted by CC Ricers, 11 January 2015 · 0 views

Here's a quick update this time. This time I have implemented a day/night cycle for the game. It's not physically accurate but it looks good enough. This short video demonstrates it.

There is now a skydome in the background, which uses a lookup texture to get the colors based on the time of day and altitude of...

Map Making and Model Batching

Posted by CC Ricers, 06 January 2015 · 0 views
procedural generation, rendering
It's now month two of the development of my SeedWorld engine and the game it will be used for. In the first month I have already made a lot of progress for it. The features I've done that month are:
A voxel rendering system to draw a world out of cubes
Procedural generation of landscape and trees using noise and shape functions
Optimized loading and strea...

Collision response finally working well

Posted by CC Ricers, 02 January 2015 · 0 views
physics, graphics
Started off the new year well with my game. I finally got to the point where my collision box code works almost the way I want it to! I say "almost" because there is one slight bug but nothing really game-breaking. Adapting some code from the XNA platform game sample really helped also. The most difficult part is adding in the Z axis for proper collision...

Better trees, lighting, and now, collision detection

Posted by CC Ricers, 30 December 2014 · 102 views
Game engine, lighting, collision
This is probably the last entry I'll add this year, so I hope it's a good enough one! My SeedWorld engine has now reached a milestone- the first physics code. Also, the trees are generated more realistically and lighting is much improved.

I have raycasting code for emitting rays from every visible voxel and shade it a different darkness, with falloff app...

Voxel world engine - Proceduralize all of the things!

Posted by CC Ricers, 23 December 2014 · 240 views

Here's some more progress on the SeedWorld voxel engine. Last week has been mostly occupied with tweaking stuff- tweaking noise outputs, heightmap parameters, and color gradients. It's been a ton of trial and error to get a landscape that I was happy with, but I think I needed a new perspective in order to not burn myself out on it.

I added some basic vo...

SeedWorld (voxel world engine) update 2

Posted by CC Ricers, 15 December 2014 · 363 views
Voxels, Procedural Generation
One week later into my voxel engine, which I now call the SeedWorld engine, I am still facing a lot of technical issues but still made a lot of progress. I finally have a octave noise function that I am very satisfied with, in creating those very believable rolling hills you see a lot in procedural landscapes. Here is the breakdown of the current technica...

Jumping into the voxel world

Posted by CC Ricers, 09 December 2014 · 474 views
Voxels, procedural generation
I'm decided to go back XNA for my shooter game on Windows 7. Two reason why: Using custom effects is unwieldy with Monogame in Windows 7, and I'm wasting my time trying to figure out why they are not being built correctly, and making my game multi-platform is more of a long term goal. MonoGame is more geared to porting or writing code on platforms that do...

Moving to MonoGame and Planning the AI

Posted by CC Ricers, 24 November 2014 · 550 views
MonoGame, Entity-System, A-Star and 2 more...
I guess it's pretty soon after my last journal entry, but I've been quick at progress with my game code the past couple of days. First of all I finally got the Entity-Component System code working in the project.

In more detail:
PlayerSystem sets movement and commands for all players
For AI, PlayerAction chooses a target out of a list of possible targe...

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