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BGBTech: The Status Update

biomes test...

Posted by BGB, 29 July 2013 · 417 views

went and added biomes:

Well, a few updates:
Biomes have now basically been implemented;
The engine now has (essentially) infinite terrain (regions and chunks are generated as-needed, and regions are unloaded as the player moves too far away).

As the player travels further away from the origin, new regions will...

Terrain and chunks...

Posted by BGB, 25 July 2013 · 410 views

well, now more work is once again going into working on the voxel terrain system.
this is, at present, one of the bigger users of time and memory-resources in my 3D engine.

so, a few new things:
added "random think events", which basically allow random chunk-updates to occur (for example, grass now spreads and cactuses now grow, ...);
went and fully adde...

experiments with 3D Anaglyph and stereoscopic output...

Posted by BGB, 20 July 2013 · 421 views

here is the result of one test (for stereoscopic 3D output):

note: MovieMaker and YouTube seem to be conspiring against me on this one, basically making it a challenge trying to get a video with the correct aspect ratio.

and a slightly earlier test of direct anaglyph output (intended for green/magenta 3D glasse...

idle thoughts: more ideas for a fast image format...

Posted by BGB, 03 July 2013 · 339 views

well, I have yet to replace my current use of BTJ ("BGBTech JPEG") with BTIC, partly due to a reason:
the size/quality tradeoff of BTIC is currently still a bit worse than with BTJ.

I was then left partly trying to think up ideas possibly for a format which would be cheaper than my current BTJ format (WRT decoding speed), but which still has reasonably g...