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Leadwerks 3 Tutorial: Building a First-Person Shooter

Posted by ChrisVossen, 26 April 2013 · 1,147 views

Native Code Level Design FPS Tutorial Learn How To LE3 Game Engine C++ LUA Leadwerks Mobile
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It may have taken a few weeks but the "Building a First-Person Shooter" tutorial series is finally up and running.

In this multiple part series we will build a FPS from the ground up using Leadwerks 3 and Visual Studios 2010 C++.

Part 1.0 is all about creating a room and covers:
  • Using brushes to sketch out a room
  • Materials
  • UV Manipulations
  • Lights & Lightmaps
If you're interested check out the tutorial:

Or if you just want to fool around with a trial version, you can download a 30 day demo here:

Is the Leadwerks BSP compiler fast enough for large urban environments? How does it compare with q3map2?

Leadwerks 3 doesn't compile CSG geometry into a BSP tree, rather the geometry gets collapsed to model geometry at load time and uses the scene octree for culling. So it scales gracefully with large environments.


The easiest way to test this claim is go in and quickly sketch out a huge level and click "Run". This sounded fun so so I went in and made a bunch of large boxes to represent a city and ran around my beast of a level. (This was purely just to show that large environments run at 60 fps, so I didn't add any materials that is why the scene only has 1 texture.) 




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