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Project B - 2013-10-18 More In-Game Screen Shots

Posted by Squared'D, 17 October 2013 · 739 views

project b game development indie screen shots video
Project B - 2013-10-18 More In-Game Screen Shots

Progress has been going very well so I thought I'd share a little. It's amazing what a few special effects will do to a screen shot. I'd like to give more details, but I've been too busy coding to write much.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I was looking for just these kinds of effects for a "dimensional rift" machine called the "Carlyle device" in a project I won't reveal. Coincidence. How do you do the laser lines?  How did you generate the green plasma texture?

It's actually quite easy. A few years ago, I realized that when you spin a bunch of quads really fast, the resulting image looks volumetric. I'm a little busy now, but later, I'll explain it in more detail.

How do you sort them so that you don't get blank squares where lasers/plasma should be?

To get that effect, start with a quad whose center is at the origin. The quad should face forward and be double-sided(ie, turn off backface culling). Choose an axis of rotation say the y-axis. Copy the quad and rotate it just a bit around the axis. Continue until you have a fan of quads. You won't need many. Maybe just from 8 to 10. Now spin them all around the axis at the same speed. This only looks good from one direction. To make it look good at all angles, just do the same things again, but choose a different axis, for example the x-axis. This is good for spherical effects. You can offset the "quad-fans" and use rectangles instead of squares for even more effects. You should use the same texture on all of the quads for spherical effects.

How do you sort them so that you don't get blank squares where lasers/plasma should be?

How are those effects working out for you?

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