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1) A tile map and collision.

Posted by AFS, 28 May 2013 · 336 views

In this journal I'll post updates about my attempt at making a platformer.

I'm not much of a man of words (and english is not my mother language), so I'll just keep each entry as brief as possible, and use images and videos to show the evolution of the "game". Also, I highly doubt if I'll ever post code; I'll just post that I managed to add some feauture, and show a video of the game doing said feature. I have no problem sharing code or algorithms if people ask for it, though.

I will write this journal mostly for myself, but feel free to take a peek if you are curious.

So, I'm using SFML and C++. I have very little experience with programming games (and programming in general). I wanted to create something, because I just love to create stuff. When I was younger I spent full days just messing around with map editors from different games (like AOE II's, creating huge cities).

In January 2013 I spent a month or so making my own map editor based on AOE II's. It was ugly, limited, it crashed a ton, but I learned a LOT.

It was my first attempt for a game ever, and even if it was ugly and the code very messy, I was happy with the result. It was a long time ago the last time I worked with so much passion on something. I was "inspired", to say the least.

I was also happy for making something like that instead of Pong or a Snake game. While I understand the recommendation of practicing with those games first, I knew that if I did that I would have never finished the game due to lack of interest. To each their own, I guess.

A month later, in February 2013, I decided to abandon the map editor because, you guessed it, lost interest in it. So I decided to make a platformer/sidescroller/whatever.

In the course of a month, I managed to create a very simple tile map (with very, very ugly graphics) and some collision detection. I used my own implementation of the collision using lines, and I was pretty happy with the result, even if the code was extremely ugly. It was my ugly baby.

Very ugly, but at least functional. At this point I gained a lot of confidence; at first I was like "hopefully I can make this thing work", but after the month I was thinking "man, I'm really getting the hang out of this!". I felt great knowing that my little ugly baby was growing Posted Image

Bad news, though: March came, and my vacations ran out; I was returing to college, so that means no time to take care of my b... uhm, keep working on the editor. Damn college, always taking away my inspiration time!

It's funny how I considered my editor more important than my education. Perhaps should I pursue a different degree?

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