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5) A new video + introducing a new character

Posted by AFS, 09 June 2013 · 540 views

After two full days in front of the computer, I finally finished a character to replace the bounceless blue ball. However, to honor all the moments shared with the ball, I changed my avatar with its image.

Now, introducing its replacement, I bring to you... Roy Bot, also known as The Least Creatively Named Robot in the World. Yeah, his name was actually a typo that got stuck.

Anyway, I'm too lazy to actually upload an image of Roy, but he makes an appearance in the video below. Roy has some animations here and there, but nothing fancy. Again, he's just a placeholder, pretty much like everything else.

So, what about the video below? Its first half shows placing objects in the edge of the map using its different layers (background, foreground, etc). The second half consists of my buddy Roy exploring the rest of the map.

I recommend to watch the previous two videos before watching this, because with this one I jumped straight to object placement in a pre-made map, so it may look confusing.

As of now, it's been 5 months since I started making this. I'm pretty happy with the results so far: let's hope I actually finish this thing instead of losing motivation to continue and throw it to the thrash (like it always happens to me. It's like a curse Posted Image )

I've looked over some of your old post and you're doing awesome work.

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words :)

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