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Evolution -- Rewrite and Lots of Updates!

Posted by studentTeacher, 31 August 2013 · 389 views
voxel, terrain, java, lwjgl and 6 more...
So I've been away from this journal for a few weeks. Recently, I've not made much noticeable progress on Evolution; The game continued to expand it's boundaries with basic terrain finishing up, and began delving into AI and other aspects of the game that I've been doing research in. However, I come with this update to share some special news!

First of al...

So I've been reading about game development...

Posted by studentTeacher, 09 August 2013 · 511 views

....and it's only confused me more and more. This is the sad truth of over-analyzing something that you are working on. I try and try again to figure out the best way to perform a process when I now realize that, heck, this is programming, and there isn't just one way to do things (usually). I need to just go at it, and start coding; the controversial par...

A Switch to Java

Posted by studentTeacher, 03 August 2013 · 580 views

So I've been deep in the middle of cleaning up my code-base. There are a few problems's I've been having with C++ and SDL, however. SDL, with its update to 2.0, has little documentation on the things I wanted to benefit from on the update (window context with multiple windows, GUI management, etc.), but this can be dealt with if I really wanted to put eno...

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