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Starting Things Up!

Posted by studentTeacher, 04 July 2013 · 452 views

I'm not entirely sure about exactly why I'm writing a blog...I feel the need to share my work, get help from others, and have a way to document my experiences, I guess. So Maybe I do have reasons Posted Image

Anyways, onto my game, and inspirations:

I've been toying in my mind with ideas about evolution. I have curiosity in robotics, and that draws me into AI and Machine Learning. Thinking of enemies that can adapt to the way a player fights could be potentially interesting, and collecting data throughout a game could lead to formidable foes for everyone, across the board. Not that this is an easy, or even potentially doable task . . . but it is intriguing, to say the least. I've always liked watching videos of people working on genetic evolution with simple models, watching the ways the bodies change and adapt. Something like this could be definitely interesting to dive into. There are so many ideas running though my mind . . .

I regress. I've also been very, very obsessed with voxels. I've loved Lego's all my life, and I still have quite a horde of Lego's with me -- enough to say I'm still as obsessed as always. Minecraft has been a passion of mine for about two years now but . . . there's something missing from it for me. When the TerraFirmaCraft mod came out for Minecraft, I found exactly what I was looking for when it came to a world simulation. Somethingmore realistic. Don't get me wrong; Minecraft has perfect play-ability and isn't too OP in my standards, but I see myself playing a game where it can be realistic, tough, but very, very rewarding.

And so here I stand. I want to play with voxels, maybe (maybe) keep their cube-esque (?) look, and have evolution be a huge aspect of the game -- both for the player and for enemies and NPC's. I want a huge expansive world -- infinite like Minecraft, but that view distance needs to look farther than just 100 meters. I'm talking miles. I want a realistic viewing distance. I want to see many things but there's one thing that stands in my way -- making the game. Well, it had to come up some time! I have two years of programming experience now, enough for me to say that I think I can take on a big programming project now. It won't be pretty at first, or elegant, or organized or anything like that . . . but it's a learning process, right? And who, in the gaming industry, doesn't like learning? Posted Image

So as it stands, I'll be coding in C++ with openGL (maybe openCL too, if I really need that processing power and can form legitimate reason to go through with it), and will be developing on a Mac OS X using XCode. I'll be using SDL for screen creation and input handling, but that's about it for outside library help. I have a high-end Windows desktop, as well as potentially another Windows laptop to do some testing on, as well as a Linux server I've set up on a couple older desktops I have sitting around. Sounds like fun to me!! Posted Image

So here I go! First off: 3-D Voxel ENGINE. Let's see what I can whip up in a few days . . . First time I'll be coding a full on engine with openGL (something not so . . . "one time use" sort of thing). I'm still in college for a couple more years so I don't have all the time in the world, but a hobby like this is one I cannot stop. I'll be back when I've made some progress Posted Image


Always good to see new developers join the party! :)

Even better that you are a Mac developer.

Always good to see new developers join the party! smile.png

Even better that you are a Mac developer.

Thanks! I'm excited to get working; I've been developing my skills over the last year, but this will be my first huge project. On a side note, is it hard to find Mac dev's? Pardon my naivety...

I think that there tend to be more roadblocks developing on a Mac. However, that can be a product of a lack of tools at times. Somethings if you get stuck you can use Linux solutions to find fixes, or at least this has been my experience.

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