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New Year, Good Things!

Posted by studentTeacher, 13 January 2014 · 476 views

voxel game collision detection AO ambient occlusion engine technology game design design
Progress!! With my break now over, I wanted to show off the various things I did to the engine as of the beginning of the new year. Unfortunately my break was cut in half (3 weeks to almost 1 week) due to work, but my break was spent productively learning a few new things in developing this game's engine!

First of all, I worked on Ambient Occlusion. The nice thing about voxels is that AO is easy to bake in -- if you have the patience to do it! I followed this article to get AO working (and boy was it tough! It's easy to understand, but querying the blocks around you (using the normal is the way I did it), and getting the values just right....that took a little bit of time). Here's some pictures to back up the work:
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

At this point, I needed to stop screwing around with graphics and get onto gameplay! First off: collision detection.
Collision Detection wasn't too bad either; I used simple AABB collision detection with a couple twists to get the player sliding off blocks correctly and not jittering on contact. After I implement gravity, jumping, and a couple other player movements, I'll be ready to show a quick video of my progress in this game! Posted Image

I'm happy to get out of my graphics binge and work on other aspects of the game. A game design document is another thing I need to start putting my time into....


AO with minecraft-sized voxels... Yeah, real smart. The whole point of AO is improving realism.

The AO is a lighting technique I used to add definition to the blocks and corners....even Minecraft uses it (as a way to improve how lighting looks in-game. There's many other voxel games that use AO too). And this is very, very early developmental graphics, nowhere near completion! In the end, I hope to have graphics emulating miniature faking by using post-processing blur, along with actual lighting. These aren't Minecraft-sized voxel's either, I'm just very close to the terrain.

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