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Quick Mid-Project Update

Posted by studentTeacher, 27 January 2014 · 301 views

terrain graphics AI scripting LWJGL Java game engine NPC post-processing FBO effect depthoffield
Ok, so in my last post I has said that I'd be working on AI next; taking a step back from the graphics polishing......and I got nothing to show of it! There's a lot of rewriting I have to do to finish off basic A* pathfinding over the terrain, so for now I have nothing to really show off. The code is pretty clean, and it interfaces nicely with a basic scripting engine I'm using, which makes updating pathfinding per mob much easier to do. I learned quite a bit from the process, too.

This past weekend, however, I took a break from AI to go back to graphics. Something I wanted to add really quickly was post-processing effects and a particular one at that: miniature faking, or a narrow depth-of-field. After much tweaking and dealing with FBO's, I managed to throw something together that looked decent. Before all the nice pictures, however, here's a picture to show my first blurring attempt....not too pretty:

Attached Image

And a nice final picture when this was finished:

Attached Image

I also tweaked the terrain code, working on mountains with some simple height-deciding block choices: Sand near the lowest points; snow at the peaks of mountains, and grass stops growing after a certain altitude.

Here's some fine pictures of the finished engine:

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

I'm really pleased with the results! Now that midterms are coming up again, work might slow down a bit, but I'm too motivated to set this project aside. I'll be back with an AI update next, hopefully! And after that....probably work on NPC's and their interactions. Thanks again for looking Posted Image



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